Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Here's today's offering. Figured I'd better post another quilt picture to balance the pet ones.

This was done as a weekend Frenzy several years ago. It's based on a pattern by Billie Lauder that was featured on a segment of Simply Quilts. A bunch of us on the Frenz list made tops/quilts from her pattern and then sent them in to be used on the set when they shot the segment. This quilt was hanging between Billie and Alex when they did the demo. Not because it is a great quilt but mostly because it was a completed quilt and such a small size. The original pattern had large blocks. I made mine 1/2 size. And I left off the very busy sashing she used. I liked the way the blocks looked when set straight together.

I never was one to follow a pattern exactly. I consider them to be merely sugestions and never did really understand someone who had to follow exactly even to the point of using the same color scheme. Guess that's why I've never been big into buying kits or BOMs. I want my quilts to be individual and not to look exactly like everyone elses. That's probably why I love scrap quilts so much. And of the 4 BOMs I've purchased all the blocks for I've never completed a single one.

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