Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What the heck, here's a cat picture for today.

This is George. He's our latest "rescue" kittie. The one we had to call the fire department to get out of a tree. Poor little boy had been up there for 3 days and obviously wasn't coming down on his own! After that he moved himself inside! And yes that is his own personal quilt he's laying on. LOL! Handquilted and everything. It's one of those cheater panels that I used for handquilting practice. I lay it in the bottom of my chair (navy blue upholstery) to catch the cat hair. It's easier to launder the quilt than to vacumn the chair.

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Finn said...

Good Morning Nancy, this one sure is a sweetie(the kitty I mean..*G*)..and what a good idea to practice your quilting on a cheater panel...I did that too, years and years ago.