Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Finn asked if I had instructions on how to make the fabric bowls. I used the instructions from the book "Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls" by Linda Johansen. But I did a google search and found the instructions for the basic square bowl (like the ones I made) here. The only difference is that in my book it doesn't show to use the cording on the edges of the bowls. The book for the boxes does so I'm guessing this is something she added after the bowl book was published.

When I started on these I had a lot of trouble with all the fusible gumming up my needle and making the thread shred. My tips to help with those problems -

1. Use a large needle - one for upholstery or denim.
2. Sew VERY SLOWLY. I mean as slow as you possibly can.
3. Every few minutes run your fingernail down the back of the needle to get off the built up gunk and put a drop of "Sewers aid" on the top of the needle and let it drip down to the eye. This helps keep the fusible from building up on the needle. I got mine at Hancocks. I was also told by a clerk at JoAnns that you could use a drop of Goo Gone or even just a drop of baby oil. I already had the Sewers Aid so I couldn't tell you if the others work.

I rounded the corners of my bowls. The book suggests to use a spool of thread or a cup or bowl depending on how much rounding you want. I just freehanded mine and I was pleased with the way they turned out.

Also when you do the satin stitch around the edges I found it looked best to go around once with the stitch width set almost as wide as you can go. Then for the second time go full width. It makes for a much better finish to the edge.


JudyL said...

Nancy, thanks for the tips. I've never made the fabric bowls but I sure do like them after seeing all of the bowls the bloggers have made.

You might could also try a cotton ball soaked in WD-40 to remove the gunk on the needle. That stuff cleans everything!


Tropical Screamer said...

Thank you for sharing the directions for your great fabric bowls.


The Calico Cat said...

thanks for the hints. My GF made me a bowl - I have not been tempted to try it myself after hearing the details. Besides my FW does not zig-zag.

Finn said...

Oh Nacy, sorry that I put you in that position...it was such alot of work..but I truly appreciate your time and energy..THANK YOU!

I'll print off your tips, check out the link and see if I can manage all that. They are so neat looking, and looks like a good fabric gobbler! Really appreciate it!

Congrats on being so far on your PA/B's already..can hardly wait to see how they turn out!!!

Maureen said...

You've just about inspired me to go back and complete my UFO bowls.
I originally borrowed a GFs Lj Fabric bowl book and had me a ball!
I returned her book and bought LJs second book "Fast fun & Easy IRRESIST A BOWLS ".
BIG mistake! I forgot the basics:rushed in where angels fear to tread........and even my machine did a dummy spit and refused to stitch properly.
But ,I'm not gonna let "them" beat me!