Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas my friends in Blogland! Today's quizz question. What is your favorite Christmas memory? Sarah said something that reminded me mine. When I was about 15 we woke up on Christmas morning to no presents under the tree! Instead of putting our gifts under the tree our parents decided to have a scavenger hunt for our gifts. Each of us had an envelope pinned to the tree. In each envelope was a little poem with a clue to where our presents were located. Mine was in my Uncle Floyd's closet at my Granny's house. I found it pretty much right away but didn't realize it was mine cause it was an electric guitar and amp and my uncle plays guitar so I just figured it was his. LOL! And the rest of my gift was guitar lessons. I'll always remember that Christmas. Not because of the gift (even though it was a really cool one!) but because of the scavenger hunt to find them. It's funny too that I can't remember my poem but I can remember my younger brothers. He got a go-cart or dune buggy. Can't remember which as he had both at some time when we were growing up. Anyway, we had a neighbor who had his farm shop just down the road. The poem read, "Brakes stuck. Couldn't stop. Left it in, Mr. Leo's shop."


Tropical Screamer said...

My mom never put presents under the tree until Christmas morning. There'd be nothing under the tree when I went to bed.

My favorite present was a set of Golden Home and High School Encyclopedias. She had purchased one a week at the grocery store and stashed them all year.

I sat down and read each one of the one by one all Christmas day. The color pictures were beautiful and to have a set all to myself was too wonderful for words. My world got a little bigger that day.

Aloha and Merry Christmas.


Finn said...

Love your Christmas memory Nancy.
My best Chrismas ever, was Dec. 21, 1967, when we received a call from Child and Family Servies of Saginaw, MI. They had a baby girl for us. She was and still is my most treasured gift..*VBS*

Laurie said...

Neat story Nancy! Thanks for sharing! Not sure of my favorite memory!