Thursday, December 08, 2005

Samantha and Tonya have shared their Christmas mingo fabric and wall-hanging so I feel I should share my Dancing Flamingo Santa. He tap dances to Jinge Bells when you clap or just even speak loudly. He totaly freaks out the cats but I love him. I think I'll take him to work and see if I can get him set up without anyone knowing. Should be interesting to see the reactions when he starts his dancing routine. LOL!

I've never been one to buy into crumb piecing so when I was oganizing scraps this summer I was throwing strips less than 1-1/2" or odd shaped bits or other pieces that I could not cut at least a 2-1/2" square from in the trash. And then the "don't throw anything away that might be useful" mentality that I was cursed to inherit from both my parents crept in and I found myself digging those bits out of the trash and saving just in case I needed them some time.

Fast forward to last night. I wanted to sew but nothing I currently have going intersted me. I didn't really feel well enough to work on anything that I had to concentrate on but I didn't feel like just vegetating in front of the computer either. So I remembered the box of bits and last years phone book that I had just thrown away. I figured what the heck. It wasn't something I'd have to put a lot of thought into and if I didn't like it no big deal. Then maybe I could let myself toss that box strings. Well as you've probably figured out by now I LOVE IT!!!!! I did 5 phone book pages (about 7"X 10"). I trimmed them down to 6-1/2 X 9-1/2 and sewed them together into this bigger 15 X 18 block. Set 3X5 with borders this will make a nice size quilt. And MAYBE make a dent in the strip box. LOL!

Weather is NASTY here! We're sitting here this morning listening to the scanner and there are wrecks all over the place. One hill going into town has a backup cause nobody can get to the top. And that's why my butts sitting here instead of already at work. I think they can do without me today! These fools here in S. TX just don't know how to drive in this. Me included and that's why you won't see me out there until much later in the day if then.


Finn said...

OhOhOh...this is exciting!!!!!
I'm absolutely delighted that you decided to have a play time!

Isn't it fun??? You don't have to cut or can just sew and play and sew and see what you get...GOOD JOB NANCY!!!

We can't stop making the "other" quilts of course, but this is a fun recess..*VBG* You go Girl!

Tonya R said...

That is a truly fun dancing, singing flamingo. I've never seen another like it.
I love the cotton crazy blocks - good for you for trying something new.

Samantha said...

Thanks for sharing the flamingo! If it ever vanishes mysteriously, don't blame me ;-) The blocks look great, too!