Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Today's quiz question. Who can tell me what these are? Hint - they're directly related to my previous two posts.

My grandmother gave them to me. She got them from her grandmother. They are VERY precious to me. And yes, I have used them myself. Once and only once just to see if I could. LOL!


Laurie said...

They look like they comb cotton off of something? Beats me! DO TELL!

The fact that they were your grandma's makes them extra special too!


Jeanne said...

Heeheehee - I used to spin and weave. I know the answer! Should I tell or wait to see if anyone else comes in with it?

Tropical Screamer said...

I know. I know.

I'll wait and see what others say, too.

Hint: They are not cat brushes. ;)

And Nancy, what a treasure.


Bonnie said...

Very cool that you have these! I know what they are too :c)


Finn said...

Yes, Nancy, I recognize them as well. I used to own a pair that I bought at an auction. I've worked with them alot, making rolags..*VBS* Yours are a treasure I'm sure.

I just gor rid of my last raw wool when I sold my house..*S*

Laurie said...

I sure hope Nancy comes back to tell...cuz I am the one who seems to be lost! LOL

The Calico Cat said...

Are those "carders" Or something like that? I think we used them with our lambs.....

They are cool whaever they are & a nice heirloom!

Is there a mechanized way to do the same thing these days? (you know like how we use a computer to do a journal...)

JudyL said...

I think they have something to do with wool or yarn . . not sure but it is definitely nice for you to have those heirlooms!

Judy L.

JudyL said...

Oh, wait . . maybe it has something to do with getting the seeds out of cotton?

Judy L.