Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tonight's Progress:
This mess you see is all 48 Pineapple Blossom blocks with the last of the corner triangles sewn on and then sewn 1/2" away. All I have left to do is cut the corners, press the blocks, and then press and trim a whole pile of half-square triangles down to 2-1/2". Those will be used somehow in the border. Tomorrow night I should be able to get that done. Slowly, slowly it's turning into a top.


Laurie said...

WOW Nancy! Awesome job! I too am doing 48 blocks! I hope you don't mind that I am considering using your idea of putting the extra little pinwheels into the border? I have a couple of ideas...we'll see what happens! I almost finished 4 more blocks today. I have the last 8 squares to sew on the corners. Maybe tomorrow...


Finn said...

Nancy, it's looking great..can't wait to see it all trimmed and ready for borders..*S* Great job getting it done in record time. I like your border ideas, and it'll be fun to see what you choose..*VBS* Also, you make a great point in the entry just's hard to find time to visit the web rings and just read the entries without going back to check on comments. If I ask a very specific question, I'll go back. But mostly I try not to ask random questions..ya know??? Try being the operative word here...LOL