Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Looks like I've been tagged by Judy so here goes.

Four jobs you've had: spreader in a garment manufacturer, bank teller, scanning co-ordinator for several grocery stores, administrative assistant.

Four movies you could watch over and over: Harry Potter (all off them), Groundhog Day, Ferris Bueller, Ruthless People.

Four places you've lived: Hollandale, Mississippi; Tyler, Texas; Metarie, Louisiana;, and Caldwell, Texas

Four TV shows you love to watch: rarely watch tv. I do watch Stargate (both the original and Atlantis) but only when they're showing new shows. Don't care too much for reruns.

Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Washington, DC, Chatanooga, TN, Witchita, KS, Memphis, TN. Can you tell we seldom go on vacation?

Four Websites You Visit Every Day: a bunch of quilt blogs.

Four Of Your Favorite Foods: Spaghetti! (but it isn't on my diet.), grilled salmon, hungarian pork chops, my hamburger casserole.

Places You'd Rather Be: nowhere. I'm perfectly happy here as long as my sweetie is here too.

Four Albums you can't live without: hard to say. I like so many of them but I listen to my Sirius radio most of all. I guess, Eric Clapton - Unplugged, Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell (both of them), Eddie and the Cruisers II, Billy Joels Greatest Hits.

Four People you'll pass this on to: Darilyn, Leah, Marilyn, Jeanne.


Laurie Ann said...

Meatloaf -- Bat out of Hell? My Nancy, who would have thunk it? ;)

JudyL said...

Hey . . if you've lived all those places, you must've been right through my home town . . Lake Charles!

I like Meatloaf too!

Thanks for answering.