Monday, February 20, 2006

I've been unpacking and sorting fabric all day. And adding lots more to the guild box too. I think there are 2 or maybe 3 more boxes to unpack and sort and them I'll be thru with that task. Then it's on to finding a place for everything else that needs to go in my sewing room. No pictures until I finish but here's a teaser.
This is what I found when I turned around from the table where I was sorting and folding to add another stack the the cabinet. At least she picked the cream/beige/tans to curl her mostly white self on and not the stack of black on the shelf above.

And to clarify something from my previous post. I have not been washing and ironing all this stuff right now! I did that over the coarse of several months after I brought it home with me 3 years ago. But I have been doing a quick measure of what I'm giving away as I fold it to fit neatly in the box. Just because I'm curious to see the total of what goes out when I'm done. And okay so I'm also a bit anal. :-) BTW, the count's getting pretty close to 200 yds now!

Right now I can barely hold my head up at times so ironing is definately not something I'm doing this weekend! I've gotten into a pretty good routine. Get a box from shop, take a nap, unpack a box, take a nap, sort and fold fabric, take a nap, put fabric in cabinet, take a nap. Repeat above for 9 boxes . Now if I could just quit coughing! I coughed so much one time this afternoon I pulled something in my back. Good thing I have a prescription for muscle relaxers on hand! After one of those and another nap my back just twinges every once in a while if I turn wrong.

Okay now, somebody needs to 'fess up! I want to know which one of you has been sneaking into our shop and adding fabric to my boxes. It's only been about a month since I packed this stuff up and I swear I unpacked fabric today that I'VE NEVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! Lots of fat quarters I don't ever remember buying. A 2 yd. cut and a 5-1/2 yd. cut of the SAME pretty floral. And I have no clue where they came from! And with them also 5 yds. of a tiny floral on cream that will make a great background to go with the other. And half yard cuts of 6 different batiks. What's with that? I NEVER buy 1/2 a yd of anything. I either get a FQ or I get at least a yd. The words, "I'll take 1/2 yd. of each, please." are just not one's you'll ever hear from me. So where did they come from? You think my FQs have been breeding in the boxes and maybe the 1/2 yds are ones that haven't "hatched" yet?


Patti said...

I used to swear that wire coat hangers reproduced in the dark of the closet. Now that we not longer use them that isn't happening any more. Instead I know it's the fabric that's taken over the breeding in this house. I couldn't possibly have bought this much myself! And I know the sewing room wasn't this messy when I shut the door for the last time last night!

Vicky said...

It does multiply! Or as my friend would say, "It begets!" I've given away so much stuff in the past year and a half and I'm still full up to the brim. Stop buying fabric? I'd rather sew faster!!

cher said...

LOL....I think you have a lot of company in this matter of foreign fabric showing up...I always think my secret pal stopped by and slipped it in the stash as a sweet surprize...guess you will just have to enjoy these unexpected and new treasures you find.

Finn said...

What a great job you are doing Nancy.*VBS* But who would possible sneak into your studio and put things in there..LOL??? Gosh, I'm just positive that I NEVER sleep walk that far from home...hehehehe..I'll bet it's Darilyn and now she knows how many miles she puts on in her travels...LOL
Seriously tho...I'm VERY impressed with your progress and how much stash is getting busted to somewhere else..*VBS*

Linda_J said...

Well, we are about busting stash, Nancy but I swear it wasn't me resorting to that method of reducing mine. Love the picture of your "helper". Sure hope you get over that cold soon!

The Calico Cat said...

What a cute linen press! (Are those still in use or ar they a relic from the past?) I have a couple furry ones myself & they "PREFER" quilts or quilt fabric.