Thursday, March 16, 2006

Doesn't look like my camera flash worked so blurry pictures again. :-( I have a new camera ordered so hopefully next week pictures will be clear again. I've been having some problems with this one and I'm going on retreat next month and don't want to get there and find my camera's finally crapped out on me. This has been a good little camera and I've been real happy with the pictures. But the camera settings keep changing themselves and I don't always remember to check before I take a picture that everything is set as it should be. So time for a new one. :-)

Darilyn asked a few days ago about my sewing machine. It's a Kenmore. Not a fancy one but about 3 steps up from bottom of the line. I've had it a little over 5 years now with not a single problem. Makes a perfect 1/4" seam using a mark on the presser foot to line up with and a nice stitch with rarely a problem with the tension. I've probably put more hours on this machine in the past 5 years than most people who buy one ever do! I got it on sale for I think a bit under $300.

I had promised myself a really good machine next time I needed one and was trying to save for a Bernina. But when my old machine (really cheap Brother) died I didn't have the funds yet. I didn't want to go into debt for a new machine as at the time we were struggling to pay off our debts and I didn't want to add to the struggle. So I took what I'd managed to squirrel away and went looking for the best machine I could find for what I had. Although I'm out of debt and much more financially secure, if my Kenmore were to die today I'll probably be at Sears tomorrow looking at a comparable model to replace it with.

This is what I've been working on lately. Another niece quilt, this one for my niece, Mandy. I had cut it and sewed my sample block and it went soooooo quick I did 10 more blocks in just no time. So as I've had a minute or so this week I've completed her blocks. They're just simple framed squares - 6-1/2" focus fabric, 2-1/2 framing strips - but she's only 4 (or maybe 5 now? can't keep track!) so the simple pattern is fine for her.


Finn said...

Hi Nancy, the blocks look great! I was monkeying around with that framed box a few months back. Made some straight, some wonky. It does go fast! And I think the focus fabric centers are perfect for a child!!

Thanks for sharing about your sewing machine...always good information to have..*VBS*

Jeanne said...

I have that exact same machine, and an old Singer. Neither one is fancy, but they keep me busy :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Sometimes the simplier a machine is - the less that can go wrong with them! I heard that at one point in time Singer actually offered excellent trade-ins so they could get their hands on the older models - to destroy! Not good for resales if the 1st machine never dies! Not sure if it is true or not, but that is what I heard.

Great progress on your nieces blocks. I like the novelties framed and I am sure she will too.



Mary said...

10 blocks - that was quick. I agree with you - I always buy brands that have worked well for me when I have to replace something - not just in sewing machines either.

Laurie said...

lookin good nancy! and you'll LOVE a new camera...they change so much! have fun on retreat!

cher said...

goes to show what you can accomplish with a "simple" machine-you don't have to spend the big bucks to get a good result-often enough. Nice fun and fast blocks-sure to be a hit with the neice too-it's nice to sew up straightforward blocks like that. the colors are perfect for a young child too.

Patty said...

They look like perfect blocks for a neice quilt. I like the colors and its a nice pattern