Monday, June 26, 2006

I can't believe I've let another week go by without blogging. Not that I've really had anything to talk about but I am trying to get back in the habit of daily posts. When I started this blog it was with the intention of posting a bit each day about whatever happened in my life or whatever I was thinking about that day. Like a daily journal but posted online instead of written in a book. Maybe it's the thought that just anyone could read my personal thoughts. Or maybe it's just that I live such a boring life that I have nothing to write about. I know I'm certainly not doing anything quilty lately so it's hard to keep up with a daily quilting blog. So this blog will probably be going in a different direction from now on.

I carry my camera everywhere I go and lately I've been trying to take pictures of the things I come across in my day to day life that catch my eye. I thought about starting a whole new blog to post these pictures and any random thoughts of my daily life but I know I can't keep up 3 blogs - have another private one I share with my sister that we use to keep up with each other. So everything will go here. And probably not much quilty content as I'm just not in a quilty mood lately. This will pass as I've had these slumps before so I'm not going to stress about it.

When a hobby ceases to be fun then it's best to put it aside for a bit. I think my biggest problem is my sewing room is still not usable and it's still got a little bit to go before I can go in there and sew for a few minutes without it being a major production to find everything I need to work with. I have been steadily working on it but my health won't permit me to just do it from start to finish so it's been a long slow process. I did a lot of work in there on Saturday and hope to finish this next weekend when I have a 4 day holiday weekend. My poor room has become a dumping ground for everything we can't find a place for in the rest of the house (or the THREE outbuildings we have!) So if it doesn't belong in my sewing room it's out of there. And in exchange all sewing/quilting items that have scattered out into the rest of the house have to fit in the sewing room or they're out of here. My sewing room is small , 8-1/2' X 13', so it's hard to fit all my stuff in there. But then I've seen quilters make some remarkable quilts who have much less space available to their hobby than I do so I'm thinking maybe I just have too much stuff. I suspect there will be more boxes of fabric/tops/ufos going to various charity organizations as I pare down my belongings and try to keep the sheer quantity of stuff from stiffling my creativity.

Well enough of my rambling. I had a photo I was going to upload but Blogger won't co-operate this morning. I've uploaded it twice and it says it's done but then the photo won't show up. Maybe tonight.


Linda_J said...

it IS your journal, Nancy so post what you want. If it is about quilting, fine. If it is, then we will know that you are out of your slump. I think you were wise to see what is keeping you from sewing right now. Reclaiming the space might be the spark you need or one of the family quilts you have planned.

The Calico Cat said...

What ever you do don't stress about it... (The quilting or the blogging.)

But ya know if you get around to cooking, etc. you can share recipes, meal plans etc. here too.

I am hungry if you can't tell.

Pam said...

Nancy, just seeing a post from you reguardless of topic is good for me! I haven't posted anything quilty in a while either, as Linda said it is MY journal so I post what is on my mind at the time. I too have other blogs that I post on (family blog, sister blog, private blog and one with a couple of friends) adding another blog just didn't do it for me either. I have joked (half heartedly) that I would get kicked out of the ring if I did not post a quilty post from time to time...well, I just don't have any quilty news to post. Keep posting as you can, yours is one of the first I ck on each day.