Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Welcome new Stash Quilt Ring members

As I was flipping thru the ring last night I came across 2 new members. Gail at Going to Pieces and Marcie at Patchalot More. Welcome ladies to our ring. I look forward to getting aquainted with you and from what I've seen of your blogs so far, being inspired by you.

Anne at Quilting Bebbs made a comment about the quilt shown in my post below that it would be a good use of Bullseye blocks. Anne, I'd actually considered this as it will be a quick, easy way to get the desired look and then I can move on to some of the things I really NEED to get done as opposed to WANT to do. Besides I think the raggedy bits of the bullseye blocks will make it look more like flowers. One day I might do one using traditional Drunkard's Path blocks but for now I think I'll take the easy way. I previewed a few fabrics from my scrap boxes this morning. This isn't even going to make a tiny dent in them but it's a start.

On my meal plans - or lack thereof - several of you commented that you were stuck in a rut of making the same things over and over again. When I get that way I do something I call "Surf for Supper". For instance I knew Sprimp was on sale this week so I did a google search for Shrimp Recipe and after looking thru about a dozen or so I came across this Shrimp Creole recipe. I had everything the recipe called for except the shrimp and I picked that up when I went to the store this morning to get kitchen supplies for work. So this will be supper tonight. A garden salad on the side and fresh iced tea (unsweetened as I can't stand sweet tea) and it will also be a fairly healthy meal. I will make a few revisions in the recipe. Red bell pepper instead of green as my hubby doesn't like the green but will eat the red, less rice since I don't need the empty carbs, and maybe a bit of splenda instead of the brown sugar as we also don't need the calories and carbs from the sugar. That one will depend on my mood when I'm cooking as it's only 2 tsp. of brown sugar and it does give a recipe a distinctive tast that's not just sweet.


anne bebbington said...

Great minds think alike Nancy :o) - bet you get started before I do

Linda_J said...

You are not going to believe it but I almost made Seafood Creole myself tonight. Now it's backed up a day or two because I served something else for lunch, had leftover potroast for supper. Off to the quilt shop and he is on his own for lunch tomorrow.

Bonnie said...

yum - that Shrimp recipe looks good. thanks for sharing it. I live alone and a small recipe is great for me.

The Calico Cat said...

keep the brown sugar - it really does add depth... (But there is brown rice syrup that you might could use in the future - not that is has less carbs or less sugar, but I think it is healthier...)