Sunday, July 30, 2006

I know I've been pretty quiet this week. It's been a pretty blah week. Not bad, not good and I just didn't feel like doing any sewing at all.I decided yesterday morning I needed to jerk myself up out of my chair where I was wallowing in apathy and at least go sit in the sewing room and stare at the walls in there. LOL! Now you know I can't just stare at the walls in the sewing room so pretty soon my eye's rested on my pastel/blendy top sitting there about 2/3 finished. 2 hour later I emerged from my sewing room with a top completed except for the final borders. It'll probably sit for a bit while I contemplate exactly how I want to do those final borders.

Okay so I'm on a roll now, what to work on next??? Last week I was digging for something in the closet and came across a couple very old UFOs. I hadn't exactly forgotten about them, just hadn't thought about them in a long time since they weren't with the other UFOs in the cabinet. Since both of them are very close to completed top stage I decided one of them would be my next project. Then the very next day Passionate Quilter posted a picture of her top from the same swap. That gave me the push to make the Byte-by-Byte be my next project. I discovered the reason I'd put it aside was that a few of the paper-pieced blocks had "issues". One I could fix without too much effort. The other had to be ripped down into sections, 1 of those almost totally redone and then the whole thing stitched back together. Not easy to do with the tiny stitch length used in paper-piecing! So after getting those last 2 rows fixed and sewn together it's time to see what I have I can use for sashing and borders.

Since I've joined Vicky's August no-buy challenge, and I have no intention of leaving the house this weekend, AND the quilt shop is closed on Monday that leaves me having to search thru stash for whatever I have on hand that will work. My problem is this top is made up mostly of batiks and my batik stash consists of mostly FQs. Most of my larger cuts are very pale for backgrounds and I didn't want something quite that light. With my choices limited this is what I finally decided on. I decided on the pinky one for the final border and really wanted something more purple for the sashing/inner border but this deep burgundy was the closest I could find that I had enough of. Since I only had a yard of the border fabric and will be a few inches short of being able to use it for the whole outer border I had to find something that would work as corners. I found this green one in my FQs and it works pretty good with the others. So hopefully I can get this finished over the next few days and move onto the next project. Which will probably be the other UFO I found in the closet.

And just in case you think I've forgotten about my log cabins you can see from the picture below that it's moving right along as I work on the other projects. Pretty soon it will be time to move it up as a main project and find something else to use as leaders/enders.


Susan said...

Wow, when you decide enough apathy is enough, you really go all out! Love all your stuff, but the spider webbed batiks are fabulous!

EileenKNY said...

I've used 4 patches as leaders and enders, but how do you do log cabins? When you're on a roll, you really get going don't you? But you had to make room for the new stuff didn't you? lol

Linda_J said...

Nancy, I can see how the health problems and the attendant treatment would make it hard for you to get in the sewing room. BUT good for you for at least applying the 15 minutes thing and staying longer. Your pastel top is closer to finished and a couple of UFOs got some attention. I bet the prospect of undoing the foundation piecing was why that one got set aside in the first place---done now! You pick the most interesting patterns!

Lisa D. said...

Some great projects you're finishing up - I love the pink border on your batiks quilt!