Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sorry boring post alert. Not much going on but not only am I trying to get in the "do something in the sewing room every day" habit, I'm also trying to get back in the "blog everyday" habit. I consider this just as much a diary of my daily life as a quilting journal so please bear with me or feel free to skip on to the next blog.

So no sewing going on tonight. And ALMOST nothing done in the sewing room. But once again instead of doing nothing I told myself, "just 5 minutes and you can take a book and go to bed." So what to do? I considered flipping thru a couple magazines for inspiration for my next project. But lets be honest. I have WAY more ideas already than I'll ever have time to make in my lifetime. So lets pick something else. I spied an empty box. Oh yeah, that was to fill with tops and UFOs to send to LindaJ for WTIL. I never did that did I? So 15 minutes later I've dug thru my tops and UFOs and filled the box plus pulled enough for another box. Okay sort again and decide I'm not really ready to let some of them go yet so I have a nice box full. Linda I'll get those in the mail probably early next week. Most of them I don't have photos of so I want to get some made this weekend before I send them on to new homes. Hopefully they'll be something you can use. Most of them are lap to twin sized. Then there are a few UFOs that if I'm honest with myself I'll never finish so hopefully your group can figure out what I was doing and get a few more tops out of them.

When I was digging for UFOs I opened one tote I thought was full of tops. But what I found instead was a very large tote full of fabric! Durn I thought I had all that stuff coralled already. So that might be tomorrows project. Unless I'm in the sewing mood in which case I'll finish my flower garden top. Maybe I'll take the blocks with me to work tomorrow so I can lay them out on the breakroom tables during lunch. That would keep me from having to grub around on the floor to do it and might get the top finished sooner. I'd sure like to get it finished and basted this week so I can quilt on it this weekend. If I do that it will be only the 4th quilt in my life I've ever worked on from start to finish without getting distraced by another project. Not a very good record for someone who's been quilting on and off for over 30 years. And the other 3 were all spur of the moment gotta have them right away so I didn't have time to even think about other projects.

And because a blog post is kinda boring with no photos I'll show the first one of those. I made it for a friend who had just gotten her first foster child and was lamenting the fact she wasn't going to have time to make him a quilt to take home with him. So I think from cutting to binding this was finished and in the mail to Chicago in 2 or maybe 3 days. I didn't even get a photo as I didn't have a digital camera back then so my friend took a few pictures and sent them to me. Including one with the little boy. But I don't feel comfortable showing it so this one just has his feet. LOL!

And now I think I'll take that book and head to bed so anyone who's stuck thru this ramble, have a nice night. :-)


quiltpixie said...

into the sewing room and blogging... way to go! By the way the tall ship quilt is great. The red sails are bright and cheerful and no doubt pick up an accent in the border fabric wonderfully.

Mrs. Moody said...

Such a great job with your plan on "just 5 minutes". I did that today as well and told myself it's only two more edges to bind and it will be done and you won't have to do it for awhile and I got it done! YEA!!!

kcamou said...

I didn't find your post boring at all! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I have to do those "just 5 mins, or just one little part or section, etc." things too. But they really do help! I think the quilt is great! I'm sure he loved it!!!

Karen said...

Your "just five minutes" is a winner, Nancy!

Shelina said...

I didn't find your post boring either. I don't feel so bad - I don't think I have any quilts that I worked on from start to finish without having something else to call me to work on it. Maybe my first quilt, but I am pretty sure I was doing some other craft alongside it too.

amelia said...

Enjoyed looking in your blog and share your passion for quilts.