Friday, August 11, 2006

Day 10

Nope I didn't buy fabric. This is the package I received from my sister for her part of the Fons and Porter Contest we're participating in. What a nice sister to send me new fabric to fondle during the "depression". And a magazine to boot! I'm not a 30s type person but these are really nice and I'll enjoy working with them. Probably more than Susan will enjoy my brights. :-) It's not that I really dislike 30s but I just like the brighter, bolder prints and colors so much more. (LOL! I just realized my slinky made it into the picture. No that wasn't in the package. That's just one of my desk toys. A great stress reliever. Who can frown when playing with a slinky?)

Day 10 was another bust in the sewing room. My tush just kinda sunk into that new chair and refused to move. LOL! Poor Sam isn't quite sure whether he likes it or not. He kept jumping up and sniffing and jumping right back down. He did lay down once for about 5 minutes but sniffed again and off he went. He'll either get used to it or I might even have room for my feet now.

Good news is I've made it a full 1/3 of the month and have barely been tempted. Patti almost did with her link to a shop that she and others indicated have really good prices. But I resisted even going to check them out.

"Sale" fabric is one of the reasons my stash is in such a mess to start with. I mean who can resist a bargain. But when you find yourself buying fabirc just because it's on sale and MAYBE one day you'll find a use for it. Especially when it's not even fabric that you like all that much. Just a really good buy and you figure you can use in in scrap quilts or something someday. Don't laugh! I'm betting there's a lot of you out there who've done the same thing. I used to be really bad about picking thru the remnant bins and grabbing little bits that I might use one day. Or searching the clearance aisles. And later when I discovered online-shopping I ALWAYS look at the clearance or bargain pages first. And have purchased a lot of stuff that wasn't really "ME" but was a very good deal. And you know what? Most of them were in the donation boxes I got together a few months ago.

I'm not saying I'll never shop the remnants or clearance aisles or bargain pages again. But I do hope that I'm maturing enough to only buy fabric that I have a specific use for. Or at least in colors/prints that I really like. Why waste my time using fabric I don't like when there's a lot of it out there that I do like.

I sometimes wonder what kind of quilts my Grandmother could have produced if she'd had the fabric choices available to her that we do now. She made many lovely quilts mostly from leftovers from garment sewing or bits passed on to her from other family members. I'm betting that there was a lot of that stuff she didn't like. But she used it because with 6 babies to clothe and feed there was no money for luxuries like new fabric just to make a quilt from. Not even sale fabric.

But now most of us aren't in that same situation. And we don't have to use fabric that doesn't make us sing. So why buy it just because it's cheap? Buy it because you love it. That's what I'll be doing.


Patti said...

I'm so proud of you for not giving in to temptation and sticking to your guns!

Interesting how alike and different at the same time quilters can be. Ever since I stopped having to pinch pennies - read when both kids graduated from college and went out on their own - I've bought fabric because it sang to me. I've never been one to buy fabric just because it was a good bargain. (I can think of one exception - but only one.) It's been that way in other parts of my life also. I've always evaluated things on quality and whether we like them and they suit the intended purpose - price hasn't been an issue. The thing about fabric is that I've heard different songs at during different parts of my quilting life. In the 20 years I've been quilting I've matured and changed until I've finally found the proper niche where I belong. At least I think I have VBG! In the meantime, fabric that no longer sings to me makes wonderful music in guild charity quilts. :-)

The Calico Cat said...

well the 30's were in the depression - so that "new" bundle fits!

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Sounds like you're enjoying your new chair - just relax and continue to enjoy it. AHHH 30's prints Love em!!!! ;-)

computerpeach said...

I am not much of a 30s person either - but the way they are arranged there - they are pretty!

Bonnie said...

A woman who still plays with a Slinky is my kind of person!

quiltpixie said...

think of the slinky becoming you to stretch to 30's fabric :-)

Libby said...

I not a fan of working with 30's fabrics either, but I find that I am drawn to the quilts that are made with them. *shrug* I have stopped trying to figure me out.
I, too, always check the sale section of fabric stores and their websites. After being sucked into the it's a good deal syndrome, I have come up with a new plan ... very carefully check the sale areas in stores where they do not carry fabric you like. What???? That doesn't make sense.
They make buying mistakes, just like the rest of us. That's where you can find the bargains that you will really use. It's a plan that has been working for me for 3 or 4 years now. Not nearly so many "what was I thinking" pieces of fabric. Now shoes ... well that's a different story *s*

cher said...

hope you find the energy to get back to stitching Nancy! I stopped reading long enough to stitch up that binding and label on one charity quilt! good for you to find a way to get a design wall into your small space. I can't live without mine I know.