Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day 5 (a little late)

Well, no actual sewing went on but I did spend a couple hours in the sewing room pulling some of the fabric groups I have stacked around and measuring to see how much I have of each. Now I'm going thru books, and magazines, and patterns, and my file of saved quilt ideas to see if I can find the right pattern for each group. But mostly I spent the day turning my house upside down for a Connecting Threads catalog that has a picture of a specific quilt I want to do with a group of fabrics I bought this spring. And I can't find it anywhere. And can't remember the name of the blocks. And I'm not sure I remember exactly how the block looks but I guess my next step is to fire up EQ and see if I can recreate it from my memory. Susan, it's the one I planned to use with that group of jewels I got in Blessing just before you visited. Oh well, I've devoted enough time to the search. If I can't figure the pattern out on my own I'll just have to put that group of fabrics aside and pick another to work with next. It's not like that's the only fabric grouping I own. LOL!

I think today will be spent putting borders on a few quilts that are laying around waiting on that stage. The one I'm currently working on, the pastel/blendy, a rail fence from a few months ago, and the batik row quilt I showed a row of last week. That one got stalled because I didn't have enough of the pink for the borders after all so I'm having to be a little more creative. I found 2 different pieces that I have a yard of each that are similar in color and design. So I'll use 1 for the top and right side of the border and the other for the bottom and the left. And with the contrasting corners so the 2 prints aren't right next to each other I'm betting on a casual glance you won't even realize it's not the same fabric. And if anyone does, well that was a "design element" not a "oops, didn't have enough fabric." :-)

Off to the sewing room early before David gets up because when he does he has plans that require my help outside for awhile and then we're going to town to pick up a few items and have a nice lunch at our favorite seafood restraunt. It's been a few weeks since we've eaten out instead of the several times a week that we used to so we decided it's a good day for a treat.


Karen said...

Uh oh, well of course you have other fabric groups ready to go (!) but I hope you can find that catalog, it's frustrating trying to locate things you really want to put your hand on.

Gail said...

If you can describe the block, maybe one of us has the Connecting threads catalog that you need. Have you tried their website catalog?

Cynthia said...

I like your idea of using two pink fabrics for the border. Will have to keep that in mind if one day i don't have enough of one fabric.

Hope you both enjoyed your lunch at the seafood restaurant. It's nice to go out to eat for a change. We did that on Friday night.

Linda_J said...

I went digging through my catalogs, Nancy to see if I had the spring Connecting Threads but alas, I must have tossed it when the latest one came. Can drive you bats hunting for it too. I wonder if they keep old copies on hand and could help you on the phone.

I'm going to have to have a birthday this week just to get out for lunch with my husband. My choice but don't know where yet. We only get fast food once a week at most and out to eat maybe twice a month--he is spoiled by home cooking.

Bonnie said...

Oh Nancy - I love that phrase, "design element". It is definitely being added to my quilt vocabulary.
Hope you have a good lunch!

quiltpixie said...

sounds like you're enjoying yourself in the sewing room, even if you can't find the catalogue... I take it its too soon to move on to a new plan for those fabrics? :-)