Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Susan, and Days 12 and 13

First things first:
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear SUSAN.
Happy Birthday to you!

Yep today's the day. My sister turns 50! I was talking to my hubby a few days ago and said, "You know, I could go either tasteful or tacky." And his reply was, "Yeah, but if you go tacky, she WILL remember when your turn rolls around!" And he's correct. I follow in 16 months and 3 weeks so maybe I'd better just say a nice, polite, heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUSAN. :-) I hope you have a wonderful day. (And that you're having fun with your new toy!)

Now on to Days 12 and 13. No, still no stitching going on BUT I have done a good bit of playing in the sewing room. I gathered up all the loose bits of fabric that have somehow managed to get strewn everywhere (must be the cats pulling them out to play with at night.) And I got them all neatly folded, sorted and put back in place. While I was at it I finally sorted my large scraps by color/kind. When I did my stash cabinets all I ever did with these pieces was fold them and stick them in plastic shoeboxes. But I never got around to sorting them so they were all jumbled together. So whenever I've needed to dig thru my larger scraps it's been a mess. But now they're nice and neat and orderly. All 19 plastic shoeboxes of them! These are my pieces that aren't part of a collection (cats, Christmas, orientals, batiks, etc) that are anywhere from 6"X11" up to 1/3 yd. And these tend to be the first thing I pull from when working on a quilt. Maybe that's why the strips/squares/bricks and the stash cabinets aren't going down any. But then the shoeboxes don't seem to be emptying either. Hhhhhmmmm. Maybe fabric really does breed in the dark! Maybe I'd better start leaving the lights on in the sewing room. LOL!

I'm all ready for Judy's hour-a-day project tonight. I'm upping my size to make 14" blocks to get the best use of my fabrics. This will make my finished quilt around 70" X 86". A nice size to sleep under. As you can see I've pulled all my fabric just have to get it cut. I decided to make mine really scrappy. So the background is scrappy white TOT. When I run out of the white scraps I'll cut strips from the assorted FQs until I get what I need. In fact the first white border and the sashing will also be done scrappy to tie in with the blocks. The darks are all nickle squares which I'll pair with white nickles to create the HSTs. And the I'll cut nickles into 4 2-1/2" squares for the light squares on the outside of the blocks. BTW, this will be the 3rd quilt I've cut from my nickles and I can't tell those boxes have gone down any either. :-(

Well you would have been able to see my fabrics but Blogger doesn't seem to want me to post a picture this morning. Maybe later.


Hanne said...

Yes - scraps breed by cell dividing, at night.
The trick to tame them are to sew at the speed of lightning in the evening ;-)

Vicky said...

I'd say you made a wise choice for your sister's birthday! Those tacky ones always come back to haunt you!

Can't wait to see what you've chosen for your hour-a-day project. I haven't pulled my fabric yet, but will do that this week.

Almost halfway there, Nancy! We're doing it!! LOL


Susan said...

LOL! Your stash sounds like mine! I *gave away* all the scraps in one box when I was in California. What do you want to bet there are more when I go back? I emptied 3 crates and two of them filled right back up before I left. When I donated the scraps, I took the whole Rubbermaid container so I know *that* can't fill up again. At least, not at my house. =)

I'll have to go over to wish Susan HBD.

Cynthia said...

Hope you were able to get some time to start sewing your HSTs. Look forward to seeing what fabrics you chose:-)

Leslie said...

When blogger won't let me add a photo I save the blog as a draft. Reopen it from the Create a New Post page and try again. It works 5 out of 6 times. Just a thought...