Saturday, January 27, 2007

Heartstrings Blocks

What you see here are 52 blocks for the Heartstrings project that were sent to me by friends around the world for my birthday and to honor my Dad on what would have been his birthday. I want to thank each of you so much for helping to make this an extra special birthday. I still have blocks coming in so it will be a couple weeks before I start to assemble tops. I'll easily be able to do a red and a blue one by using some of the blocks I'd already made. And any of mine that are extra will get sent in to swell the block kitty. Or if I'm close to enough for another quilt I might request enough blocks to finish it out.

I had a really cool picture of all the envelopes scattered over my table but just as I was posting it I realized that anyone could enlarge the photo and get not only my home address but the home addresses for many of the ladies who sent me blocks. Since that's NOT something I want to put out on a public blog I didn't post the picture. So you'll have to trust me. It was COOL! LOL!

So far I've received blocks from (in no particular order- just whichever package my hand touched first as I was making my list):
Mama Koch
McIrish Annie
Pam G.
Pat P.
Carol E.
Quilt Pixie

And if you're trying to figure out who Pat P. is - she's a lurker who follows my blog and wanted to help out with the project. I've had a few other non-bloggers respond too and I think this is just wonderful. The more the better. And if anyone else wants to find out how they can participate in the Heartstrings project I have a link on my sidebar to the groups website. NOT the Yahoo site but an independent site that has been set up because so many people responded to my call for blocks but said they didn't want to join another group. So the group leaders decided to create a website that anyone could go to and get block guidelines and information on how they can be a part of this wonderful program.

When I put out my call for blocks it was for blocks only. I was not hinting for little gifts for me. The blocks were to be my gift and will be made into charity quilts. Probably for my local sheriff's office but I'm still researching sites to donate to. Anyway I'm just trying to say I wasn't asking for and truly never expected to receive any extra gifties. But I did and want to say thank you to Pam for the lovely post its. How did you know I LOVE fancy postits? I hate using the plain yellow ones and always buy a few cute ones whenever I go buy supplies for work. I've already taken them to work or I'd show a picture.
And these lovely items were sent by Quilt Pixie. She's currently working on a piece using these cat panels and shared some with me. I actually have one of the companion pieces that goes with these so I've already been auditioning fabrics to go with them. I'm going to make a small wall-hanging to go on the wall beside "my spot" in the living room. And check out the wonderful postcard she sent. And the kitty buttons and the ribbon roses. Those will be used as embellishments on the wall-hanging. I'm really itching to get started on it BUT this is my weekend for Christmas sewing. And I'm about half finished with the blocks for the first Leukemia quilt for Clare so I really want to get those finished before I start another project. HOPEFULLY next weekend I'll be playing with my kitties.


Mary said...

That's a nice stack of blocks Nancy. Can't wait to see the finished quilts.

Sweet P said...

I love your Christmas quilt. Now I bet you can't wait for next Christmas to show it off!

You did quite a stack of blocks. I've got the binding strips and will sew them together today to get them to you.

quiltpixie said...

You are absolutely NOT to start the kitty project until your work is done! :-) (hehehe)

Jeanne said...

Eeek -- Nancy, I did the wrong thing! I sent 'your' blocks, 2 red and 2 blue, in to the block bank rather than to you :(

Would you like me to make a few more to send to YOU?


Vicky said...

Wonderful set of birthday blocks! I've got two more sitting here that I need to send off to you. Will do that tomorrow.

Your kitty gifts are great!


Judy said...

Nancy, that was a great idea you had about sending the blocks to you! Good thinking about the addresses. We can't be too careful!

Judy L.

cher said...

LOL...I would say you did great, and I am sure more will be showing up.
I am working on a string block right now myself.

Suze said...

Wonderful blocks. If you need a few more to finish out a quilt, just let me know...........

Mama Koch said...

Glad we could all help. An anxious to see how they all look together.

Clare said...

I posted my blocks on Tuesday. they should be with you some time next week. Can I do any more?