Saturday, March 31, 2007

Seems like I was correct when I said I'd only be posting about once a week. :-)
There really hasn't been anything quilty going on to report on in the past week. Haven't sewn a stitch since I finished the Turning Twenty top. I have done some cutting of scraps that were piling up and I've cut a LOT of kits from my batiks. Besides the Turning Twenty, the Lucky Stars, and the Framed Squares I've cut a Bricks and Stepping Stones (which will be used as a leaders/enders project while sewing the rest); a Morning Star, a Chunky Churn Dash; and a Gratitudes. Some of them I still need to cut the background and sashing if they use a single fabric but I have all the scrappy bits cut. Next I need to get the fish appliques cut that go on the Turning Twenty and then I'm cutting a Sister's Choice. That will be EIGHT quilts cut from my batiks and I'll still have enough for 2 or 3 more!!!!! And we're not talking little quilts either. Except for the Chunky Churn Dash which is a largish lap size, the rest are at least twin with 2 of them being king (the framed squares and Gratitudes). I'm looking thru my books and magazines for a few more patterns to cut the rest of the batiks into. I've decided this year I'll be using up my batik stash and will no longer buy batiks just because they're batiks to make a "someday" batik quilt. That's how I ended up with all the batiks I have now! For now I'll finish the Fish, Lucky Stars, and Framed Squares. The other will be done this year in between finishing up UFOs and working on other stuff.

I think I'm getting a bit bored with large quilts so rather than get burned out on quilting you'll probably start seeing more small things from me. In between working on UFOs and the batik quilts I have plans for some fun little pieces to keep my enthusiasm up. While I really do like making bed quilts I need to remind myself everything doesn't have to be large. It IS possible to make wall-hangings, or table runners or just a single block in a frame or turned into a pillow. If nothing else it'll mean I have a never ending supply of gifts to choose from for all occasions. Or pieces to contribute to my guilds annual Bluebonnet store. Plus it will give me a chance to try new techniques without committing to a large project. Which is one of the reasons I have so many UFOs to starts with. Maybe if I didn't think everything had to be bed sized I'd get some stuff finished before I got bored with it and moved onto something else. We'll see.

Because a quilt blog is kinda boring without pictures, and I don't have anything recent far enough along for photos I'll be sharing pictures of some tops that are going out to LindaJ this week. I've had them pulled to box just never got around to taking pictures until this morning. First is a Galaxy Star done in a swap about 8 years ago. I do like this little quilt but really don't have a use for it and it would be a great quilt for a little boy. It's not very big so I almost didn't send it but it I'd rather see it keep a very small boy warm that just sit in my cabinet unfinished for 8 more years. Along with the top I'm sending the rest of the fabric I used in the border. It more than enough to back this little quilt with so Linda's group may opt to use something else for the backing and save this yardage for another quilt. However they think they can best use the fabric is fine with me.


Fiona said...

The galaxy stars is a lovely quilt and you are right, some little boy will love it.

paula, the quilter said...

I've been eyeballing quilted jackets lately. Small project but really satisfying 'cause you get it done quicker.

Vicky said...

What a great quilt! I think some little boy will be delighted with it!

Wow, you certainly have maximized your batiks! I want to concentrate on mine, too, a little later this year. Will be looking at yours for inspration, however, I already know one will be a Lucky Stars!

Good job, Nancy, as always!


Mary said...

That's a great quilt for a boy - so nice of you to donate your tops.

I wondered about the separate blogs - I find one personal one enough to keep up with. I don't count the HeartStrings one because that's just *fed* by the group results so I don't have to work so hard at that one.

My blog is a combination of my quilting, my family, and my travel and I wouldn't want to try and separate what goes in what blog!

karylsquilts said...

Your batiks are turning in to great sounding projects... NOw dont let them sit in baggies.. keep em going !

I did all blues from a stash boxs and got 8 tops !!

whom ever dreamed up the idea of using One thing from the stash pile had a good idea....