Monday, April 16, 2007

I notice it's been a week since I've posted so I guess it's time to check in.

I have made a bit of progress on my Hour-a-Day but I'm still way behind. Mostly because I've finally got disgusted with the state of my sewing room and have stopped sewing and am spending my time TRYING to get it cleaned up and (at least semi) organized. It was so bad I only had a small path from the door to the sewing table and I just mostly ignored the mess as I happily created more mess. But it had gotten to the point I couldn't hardly stand to go in there for all the mess. Attempting to work in so much clutter really is paralizing.

So far I've bagged up and tossed THREE large garbage bags of stuff from there. Much of it stuff that didn't belong there anyway and some of it bits and pieces that I'm being honest with myself and know I'll never use. A few UFOs that I know I'll never finish and really aren't useful to send to a charity to finish. LOTS of old magazine. Some quilting but mostly a bunch of cooking/gardening/diet ones. Steno books with notes from quilt ideas that I know I'll never get around to. LOTS of patterns printed out from the internet that I also know I'll probably never make. And a large grocery sack of small crumbs of fabric I was saving to "someday" make a crumb quilt. Well you know what. IF I ever get around to making a crumb quilt I bet I'll have lots more bits and pieces saved up again. LOL!

I still have a LOT to do in there but it is showing progress. I've managed to clear a spot to the bookcases and have put away the books that were stacked everywhere and the plastic shoeboxes that hold my larger scraps. (less than 1/2 yard but larger than about 6"X12".) All TWENTY-SEVEN boxes of them! And that's just the ones that have been neatly folded. I have 2 copy-paper boxes of assorted fabric that I've gathered up from around the house that needs to be folded up. Some of it larger cuts that go in the cabinets but I'd say at least another 3 or 4 shoeboxes full of the scraps. Guess when I get back to sewing I need to think about making a few scrap quilts, huh?

Hopefully I'll finish this week as I have sewing plans for this upcoming weekend. I have 3 rows left to make for my row swap. I kinda got sidetracked from them. One row I cut out and then lost the pieces which kinda took my momentum away. :-( But I found then yesterday so I need to get that row done. And another wanted red and gold with the reds pre-washed. I finally got around to washing those fabrics yesterday and the burgundy and blue requested for the last row. So I'll probably take a few minutes tonight to go ahead and cut those rows out and maybe take a few cleaning breaks each night to get them made. Then this weekend I want to finish up the hour-a-day and get the last two Heartstrings tops from my birthday blocks made.

After that I'll be putting my quilting away for awhile as I do something I swore I'd never do again. SEW CLOTHES!!!!! NONE of my summer clothes fit me any longer and I just don't see spending a bunch for a whole new wardrobe when I'm trying to lose weight. So I went to the Hancock's going-out-of-business sale (where the fabric is now 70% off!) and bought fabric for 2 skirts and blouses. And I'll take the $35 of JoAnns Creative Cash cards I have and get a few cotton prints to make skirts to go with some t-shirts I bought. That will get me thru the summer with the few things I have that still fit.

Speaking of the Hancock's sale. I will be going back this week and probably stocking up on border/backings. I'm REALLY low on larger pieces and at 70% off I'd be really stupid not to get a few things I know I'll use in the next few months. Surprisingly they have quite a good selection of quilt fabric left. But then what they have was the $7-$8 stuff so maybe that wasn't cheap enough yet for the serious bargain hunters. But at 70% off (80% if you take the remainder of the bolt) that's only $1.40 to $2.40 per yard.

This post has got rather lengthy so I'll hold the rest of my ramblings until tonight. But since a quilt blog post is rather boring without a picture I'll leave you with another quilt going to LindaJ. This is the Faux Log Cabin I made about 6 years ago. I love it but still in 6 years haven't quilted it so it will go to the Boy's Ranch.


Melzie said...

Cute little quilt :) I miss you blogging more :) I tagged you see my blog for details! xoxo melzie

swooze said...

Where are the pics of your sewing room?? I showed mine! I am also cleaning up too.

Leigh said...

That's a really nice quit. Someone will be very pleased to receive it.
Would have liked to see a photo of your progress in the sewing room :-)

Sweet P said...

You have been busy! Sounds like the weight loss is going well. Glad to hear it. Keep up the good work.

Finn said...

Hi Nancy, good for you for stepping up to the plate and batting that ball right out of the park! I know that feeling of dread all too well. And I have nothing but time to clean and organize, but avoidance is easier I think.
I'm so proud of all your efforts..*VBS* A+++ Hugs, Finn

Vicky said...

Waytago, Nancy!!!!! Getting rid of that stuff will get you motivated to create more!! :)

You've got an ambitious weekend planned. But knowing you, you'll accomplish everything on your list!


Su Bee said...

Good Gosh - CLOTHES sewing - you are an intrepid woman, Nancy! I'm sure I've forgotten how - I'd end up with buttons on my elbows, I just know it. Will you show us?

Judy said...

Great job with the clean up! It feels so good once it is done - and it really feeds that urge to fondle fabric, too!

Suze said...

You go girl......It feels so good to clear out on occasion and you get so much more done after the area is organized.

I still have two areas that need attention but right now I am sewing instead.

Nicole and Phil said...

Great to hear you are making progress in the sewing room. I need to follow your example

cher said...

that's right-less blogging-more sewing/cleaning up! brave woman to tackle clothes sewing-but what a great motivator...good luck with that-sweet quilt going to LindaJ

fabric stores said...

Great quilt. Always nice to see someones finished project.

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