Thursday, April 19, 2007

Row swap

I think I'll leave you today with a much nicer photo than the ones I shared in my last post. LOL! These are the rows I've received so far in my row swap. I have 3 more rows to make and hopefully I'll get them done today so I can mail tomorrow. I'm home with an ear infection which is making me dizzy enough I don't think I should drive but hopefully I'll be able to sew without any problem.

The top row are the Square in a Square blocks I made. Row 2 was made my Marilyn. I think she said the blocks are called Tea Leaf. Row 3 are Grandmothers Fans made by Barbara. Row 4 Flying Geese from Colette. Row 5 Jacob's Ladder from Barb. And Row 6 are Bear's Paws made by Trish. The Bear's Paw is the "official" block of our group so I'm glad Trish made these single paws for this swap.

I have 3 more rows still to come and then I'll set them with 2" black sashing between the rows followed by a 2" black border all around and a 6" piano keys border with Square-in-a-Square blocks in the corner. It will end up about 64X86 so it will be a nice nap size to curl up under while napping in my chair.


The Calico Cat said...


Fiona said...

That really popped out at me when I opened up your blog - pinks and purples have got to be my favourite colours. I know this because it's the section I always open up first when I visit 'Thousands of Bolts'.

Helen said...

Hi Nancy
That is a great row quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the progress. Thanks for visiting my blog

Jeanne said...

The quilt looks wonderful.

anne bebbington said...

Your quilt is looking lovely - and it's so heartening to know someone else makes as much mayhem while creating as I do :o)