Sunday, April 01, 2007

This is another quilt top that is going to LindaJ. I made this in the summer of 1996. Not a very inspiring quilt but it will keep someone warm. Those of you who know me will be shocked to see those dark Debbie Mumm prints. But back then my house was very "country" and the colors worked well. Then before it was finished I moved and my home now is so NOT country this doesn't work well anywhere. Honestly I thought I'd given it away several years ago but found it in the back of the closet when I was cleaning out a few months ago. This is actually one of my oldest UFOs. And now it's outta here!

Today's photo. Bluebonnets may be the harbinger of spring in Texas but I grew up in Mississippi and we didn't have any bluebonnets there. From there the buttercups are what I remember most fondly. I loved to pick and smell them and delighted in that bit of yellow pollin that stuck on the tip of my nose. So I've really been enjoying this patch of buttercups by the gate at my office.

And because I haven't made you suffer thru a cat picture for several days, here's Fluffy doing what all cats do when a paper bag hits the floor. :-)


Norma said...

I think Linda will be thrilled to have this quilt top. It looks perfect for one for the boys!

Bingo~Bonnie said...

I like your photo of the buttercups - I have noticed lots of them growing wild around the roadways here in SE Texas but didn't know what they were called. I have yet to see any "blue bonnets" in person since moving to TX. Maybe soon... I know they are blooming and have seend photos but I want to see them for real ;) ~Bonnie

Linda_J said...

Talk about a preview of coming attractions! Very nice, Nancy and I thank you on behalf of the Bama Belles. Both tops are wonderful.

I love the floral and turtle pics as well.