Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day 4

Another day passed with no purchases made. I didn't even twitch a little when I had to go to the grocery store that's located in the same shopping center as JoAnn's. LOL! So far I really haven't been tempted but I MIGHT go to the LQS Tuesday to pick up backing for the quilt I'm currently working on (the kit I bought last week) as I really do like my backs to co-ordinate with the fronts. And remember BACKINGS are allowed. Then again I might just see if I have enough of a nice creamy TOT that will blend with the ones in the front and just use it. Or maybe piece a back from several. We'll see.

This is a preview of my current project. Ya'll would be soooooo proud of me. When I couldn't sleep at 2am this morning instead of internet shopping I sewed together and attached 2 more rows of this quilt. I should be finished with the top in about another hour so that's where I'm headed as soon as I get off this computer. I would have probably finished it early this morning if George hadn't been such a "helper" cat. See what I have to deal with when I try to sew!

But who could resist giving him the loving he wanted so I figured the rest could wait until later and we headed back to bed for a nice cuddle and a nap.

Better get at it as after I finish this top I have wonky letters to make for Susan's project and the last 3 rows to finish for my row swap. So those are my plans for this weekend. What are you working on?


Mary said...

I love this - Rails and 9 patches -such a simple pattern but this looks really great and has some space for quilting something special if you choose.

Fiona said...

Much better to quilt than shop - especially such a pretty top as this one.

Vicky said...

Don't do it, Nancy! Don't go to the LQS! You've got plenty of stuff for the backing. We know you do!! And it's organized now so you can find it! :)

I just got back from the market. I need to do a quick spiff-up on the joint before my friends get here.

Can't wait to see your flimsy! (And your stash-busting backing!!)

Helen said...

I am following your fabric diet with interest. I indulged yesterday and I have class next week which I need to get some supplies for. I am full of admiration for you! Go girl.

Tazzie said...

Good for you Nancy, staying strong and not shopping. I may have weakened :-)
I love the quilt you're working on, it's just lovely.

Cynthia said...

what a lovely quilt you're working on.