Monday, May 07, 2007

Day 6

Another day - another dollar saved by not shopping.

Not as productive a day as yesterday but they don't all have to be that way so I'm happy. I did get the letters done for Susan (shown in my last post). I did get a bit of that mess folded and put away. Not all of it but enough that it does look a lot better. And I did some more strip sets for my Chinese Coins but that's about it. Took about a 4 hour nap. Boy THAT felt good. :-)

I knew I was going to forget something in last nights post. When I went to pick up the mail yesterday afternoon I found a lovely package waiting from Bea. If you remember she had a little contest when she sent her Siggie blocks in for the swap. She highlited each one with a bit of blue. But one that she called her Super Siggie had a bit of another color. The person who could email her with the correct color won a little prize. And mine had GREEN on it so I received this lovely egg pincushion and piece of fabric.
And how cute (and appropriate!) is that card. In her note she writes, " It's just an egg-pincushion and some fabric for egg yolks." JUST an egg-pincusion!!!!! I remember when she showed her little tutorial on her blog on how to make them and thinking I needed to make on for myself. And now I don't have to. Thank you so much, Bea. I just love it! And the fabric. My sister will tell you that I use that color often cause it make the other colors pop so this will go nicely with my collection.

Several of you asked about the pattern I used for the quilt I posted yesterday. It's called Crossed Path and is one of the Strip Club Patterns. When I bought the kit the pattern was folded inside it so it was a mystery what the kit was for. All I knew was that it was a nine-patch variation that would make a lap sized quilt cause the clerk told me. But I loved the colors in the border fabric and the jelly roll so I bought it figuring if I hated the pattern I could always use the fabrics for something else. The pattern can be purchased on line for $5 from Quiltin' Tia Quiltworks. Clicking on the store name will take you directly to the page to purchase the pattern from. It's a great pattern and I can see myself using it again but using my own strips next time. Done in red/white/blue it would make a nice quilt for Quilts of Valor. Or it would be great done just really scrappy.

It's late and despite my long nap this afternoon I'm tired. So off to bed I go. See ya tomorrow.


Sweet P said...

What a cute pincushion! I'm sure you will treasure it for a long time.

The Calico Cat said...

I am unofficially not-buying this month... (with that said, I only got a bias tape maker and two spools of thread at the store...) I guess I do need to save for Houston!

Vicky said...

Love that pincushion! Six days gone ... you're doing good!! :)

gwen said...

If you like, I will give Bea a hug for you, I will see her tomorrow at our exhibition´s vernissage! I love how your letters turned out. Take care.

Karen said...

Love the egg pincushion, enjoyed looking up Bea's directions.