Saturday, May 19, 2007

Days 16 thru 18

3 more days down. I did visit JoAnn's again. This time for batting and backings for the 2 heartstrings tops I have waiting to be basted. I'm discovering I CAN just shop for what I need in the immediate future. Once again I slid past the FQs on sale for 99c. Not without a slight hesitation - I mean who would know, right? Well I would know! So no pretty new prints for me this time. Just the 2 backs and 3 bats I went in for. And you know what? It DOES get easier each time I go. I just think about all the fabric I already have and all the UFOs waiting their turn to be finished and I'm able to turn a deaf ear to the cries of all the wonderful fabrics saying, "take me home. You know you want me. Come on. PLEASE........"

I haven't sewn a single stitch all week! Well not on the sewing machine but that's another story for another post. Anyway, I've had such trouble with my feet swelling that by the time I get home I need to spend my evenings with my feet propped up. So no sewing machine for me. I do hope to finish up the other donation quilt this weekend. I'm going to go work on it for a bit when I finish writing this. But as soon as David gets up I'll have to stop as we have a lot we need to get done this weekend outside. It's supposed to be a beautiful day with unseasonably cool (less than 80) temps so we need to get this project out of the way before the summer heat wave hits.

So what will I be working on this weekend? I'll be tearing down this lovely (NOT!) shed and trying to find a place for the stuff inside.
We inherited this beauty along with another even crappier looking shed when we bought the place. The other one has long since been torn down but this one houses our well. Along with a whole bunch of stuff that was put in there 9 years ago when we move here and has been rarely or never looked at since. So most of the stuff will hit the trailer for a dump run this afternoon. Once we tear this beauty down we'll be replacing it with a larger one that will house our 4 wheelers, lawn mowers, tiller, garden tools etc. All the stuff that is currently in THIS beauty.
This one sits at the end of the driveway. In the exact spot where we need to build David's new shop. So instead of building another equipment shed elsewhere on the property we decided to get rid of that orange eyesore and put a bigger shed in it's place that would hold all our extra stuff. So that's what's up for the weekend. Destruction and mayhem! I love the destruction phase. There's something very satisfying about tearing down an eyesore that's plagued me for years. VBG

I'll leave you this morning with another shot of those cute little kitties. :-)
For those who asked, Yes, they are feral. Kinda. The Mom is a stray who's lived here on and off for about 4 years. VERY friendly but not one to stay around all the time. I suspect she has other "homes" she rotates with. We usually get her when she has kittens that are getting ready to start eating on their own. Smart mama. She knows where the all-you-can-eat buffet is located. LOL! Sometimes I'm able to tame the kittens, sometimes not. These I suspect will be in the not category as there are 5 of them. It's been my experience when they have so many siblings to play with they're less likely to look elsewhere for attention and a playmate. And I just don't have the time and energy right now required to even try. I know that some of them won't make it. And the ones who do may or may not stick around here. If they do I'll feed them. If they don't another one will show up to take it's place at the food dish. Sad I know but that's just the way life is here in the country. Not that I don't usually try. 3 of the 4 inside cats I have right now were feral born to stray Moms. The 4th was himself a stray who I'm currently trying to type around as he's laying on my chest right now trying to get me to stop typing so he can get a proper cuddle. LOL! So I guess I'll stop here and cuddle George a bit before I start my day. There's worse ways to start a day for sure. :-)


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Certainly a worthwhile project - and good idea to get it done before the heat sets in.



QuiltingFitzy said...

I love your attitude about the visiting kitties. They come, they go, they all get loved regardless. We had six or so over the years while the kids grew up, we let them be "outside" cats who loved to cuddle, etc...outside. Therefore, no litter box, YEAH!

DH built a cat house with 2 insulated thermopane windows. We threw in a rag rug and put a heating pad under that, that we'd turn on when the Ohio winters turned bitter.

Let's see, we had Ashley, Inky, Dip-Stick(Dippy), name a few, lol.

Vicky said...

Wow, you really are getting things organized about your place! I remember an old shed that someone had erected in the backyard of a house I had rented for years. I mentioned to an elderly neighbor that I would have to find someone to tear it down. The next afternoon, I saw the thing on fire -- yep, Jim had torched it. When the fire dept. showed up, I could plead innocence since I really didn't find out who did it until afterwards. Whew! Last time I mentioned anything like that to him! LOL

You're my inspiration on the no-buy! Our fearless leader! We can do this!

Carole said...

Why did I have this impression that you lived in a condo? Looks like you've been busy around the yard. This summer we are tearing down our shep and putting up a barn. Well dh calls it a glorified shed. It is build like a barn. He's been working on it for months, the old fashion way, no nails! Looks good. It's to house the riding lawn mower, pool stuff etc... and a stash of wood. Being a woodworker, he liked the idea of having a fabric stash, so why not a wood stash! He will be buying various types of wood and letting it dry in the barn (cheaper than kilm dried wood). Love those little kittens. Keep well!