Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Days 24 thru 29

Just 2 more days!!!!! I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. Even though I want to rush out TODAY and find a tower of that Moda Fabric Darlene showed today. Wonder if my LQS will take a post-dated check???

I don't have much to report for the past week. My sewing machine hasn't even been set up in a couple weeks. I have worked a bit on a hand project but I'm saving that subject until it's finished. Not only have I not sewn anything my sewing room is a mess again. And I don't even have the excuse of lots of working outdoors as it's rained, rained, and rained some more. Mostly I've just sat in my chair and read a bit, stitched a bit, slept a bit, and played a LOT of stupid computer games. This will pass and I'll get back in the mood to sew. Sure has made it easy for my no-buy month when I haven't had the motivation to work on much. :-)

I will get my act together and do a bit of picking up in the sewing room tonight. It's not as trashed as it was before but could get that way VERY quickly. And the table is covered with fabric I'd shoved in boxes in the closet when I was cleaning before. I've been taking those boxes and folding the fabric. Now to just get them put away. And I've also cut down a good size box of scraps into strips/squares/etc. Hhhhmmmm - guess I haven't been as much of a slug as I thought. I do want to get back on track by this weekend as I've set aside the summer months to whittle down some of my UFOs and would like to get a fresh start on June 1st. And I'll mostly continue my no-buy. Meaning I'm going to limit myself to what I need to finish those UFOs with maybe a FQ bundle or jelly roll thrown in just because. :-) I've decided these are acceptable purchases for me as I know I'll eventually use them in my scrappy quilts. What I DON'T want to get back in the habit of buying is the 1 to 2 yard "just because it's pretty" purchases that sit in my stash for years until they become "what was I thinking!" purchases. Yes it will mean I'll have to purchase border/backing fabric for my quilts but that way I get fresh, NEW fabric for those instead of dofer fabric. It's a plan. Subject to change tomorrow on my whim. :-)

If you read my other blog, Nancy Cooks and Gardens Too, you might notice I haven't posted there in a long time. That will change in the next few days as it will become my food/diet blog. So if you're interested in watching my journey into weight loss and better health - with I'm sure a LOT of pitfalls along the way - then feel free to follow along. Just so you know I'll be going back to strictly low-carb as it was what worked best for me before so if you're the type who thinks that to be an unhealthy diet then I ask you to keep your opinions to yourself and I won't bombard you on your blog with comments on how unhealthy I find low-fat/high-carb to be. Specifically I'll be doing Atkins induction phase as the variations of low-carb that allow more carbs DO NOT work for me. And just so you know I have the complete support of my internist, my primary care physician, AND my Rheumatologist all 3 who have independently of each other suggested this to be the best diet for me to get my weight down and thus help control my multiple health issues.

I have done it before and know it can work. I lost over 40 lbs before AND dropped my cholesteral back down to near normal levels without medication. Then I had to get off it when I had gall-bladder surgery a few years ago and had problems eating just about anything except mashed potatoes and applesause and gatorade. And I just never seemed to be able to get back on the low-carb bandwagon. Which in turn saw me regain that 40 lbs. plus another 35 on top of them.

Well enough of this whiny ramble. These posts will move to the other blog and this one will revert back to quilting and the occasional odd photograph. :-)


Anonymous said...

I did really well on the low carb south beach and like you cant seem to get back on the bandwagon! I have started again this morning and look forward to reading your blog!!

Vicky said...

Nancy, I lost a ton of weight on the low carb diet, also recommended by my family physician. But health issues took their toll, and most of the weight came back. I need to get going on that again. Thanks for the inspiration!

Good luck!!! You'll do it!!!!!

Carolyn said...

So Nancy, do you think if your local shop has that tower of gorgeous FQs, they would hold it for you until Friday? Hee Hee!!! Best wishes with your weight loss. I did Atkins many years ago but I became a nasty b****without my carbs! I joined Weight Watchers about 5 weeks ago and I'm pleased with their program so far. As of last week I'd lost 11.6 pounds. I know you'll be successful! :o)

Shelina said...

Good luck on your diet. I think everyone should do what works best for themselves.

I'm proud of you for keeping on the fabric diet. I think you should stay on for two more days just to provide you with the self confidence for your other diet. I'm sure the moda tower will be available in June.

I find it amazing that when I don't do a lot of sewing, the sewing room continues to get messy. If I don't have time to sew, how do I manage to find time to make the mess?

Norma said...

I did my own version of a low carb, 1200 Calorie a day diet about 18 months ago and lost 46 lbs. It has stayed off too! I was diaginosed as a type 2 diabetic and thus the carb counting. I spend half my life reading content labels on food but the dr was pleased! You do what you have to do for YOU and we will all cheer you on!


QuiltingFitzy said...

You know I'll be right there with you!

Karen (Misiz C) said...

I know what you mean about that fq tower pictured on Darlene's blog. Had to wipe a little drool off my keyboard. ;c)

Good luck with your diet. A positive attitude gives you such an advantage. I too need to drop some (40)lbs. I think I'll join you and follow your progress on your blog. Tomorrow morning I'm going back to my walking/yoga routine and smaller portions. Here's to a successful month!

Sure would love it if you could send us some of your rain.... :c)

Samantha said...

I am so proud of your no-buy diet, and I'm wishing you luck on the food dieting too!

Patti said...

Well done with your no-buy - and even if you've been helped by a no-sewing mood it's still an accomplishment. I know you can make it - after all it's June in just a few hours! Maybe only a couple where you are.

Good luck and best wishes on your diet - you are doing the wisest thing there is when you follow your doctors' instructions. I can't add another blog to my long list of reads so I hope you tell us regularly her how you are doing. We are your friends and we care. Here's to good health and weight loss! I'm tryijng too - and have lost 5 pounds so far in the last two weeks.

Darlene said...

Way to go, Nancy! Now, you must go forth and seek that beautiful fabric. :-)

Good luck with your diet - I need to do the same and just can't muster up the motivation. Ugh!