Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another stroll with camera in hand

Still no quilting going on so feel free to skip away if photos around my home bore you. :-)

Got up this morning and this is what I saw when I looked out the door toward David's shop.
They belong next door. Our neighbors are out of town for the weekend and looks like they found a way out of the pasture. I can't chase them to get them back in and they've pretty much stayed in our yard or the neighbors. And why not with so much to eat. David sure wished they'd wandered over to the other side of the yard and worked a bit on the creek bank but guess they had plenty to eat without venturing that far. Not sure what they were looking for in the shop though. Hopefully not trying to eat it! Never can tell with a goat. :-)

When taking the picture of the goats I noticed the cannas off the back side of the shop porch are blooming. I love cannas. They remind me so much of home and the big canna patch beside the porch of Mama's house that goes back to the days when my grandparents lived in the house. In fact I can't ever remember them NOT being there. One day I'm going to dig me a bit from that patch so I'll have a little bit of "home" here in my new home in Texas.

When I turned around from taking the picture of the cannas I found a Fluffy cat lounging in the Wandering Jew. I love that stuff. I got it as a couple cuttings from a friend about 4 years ago and planted it in a planter around a tree in the backyard. It now spills out from the planter and is about 10-12 feet across. I keep it mowed back to that size or it would take over the yard. It's also Fluffy's current favorite place to sleep. He comes in to eat and immediatley wants back out to go lay in the jew patch.

Can't leave you without more new kitty pictures now can I? :-)


Della said...

Those kitties are as cute as Christmas. Wish I could hold one.

cher said...

love the photos Nancy- great goats! I planted cannas...if they come up I will take photos...I planted late, so who knows?

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Hi Nancy
it is interesting for me to see you planting Wandering Jew - it is considered a weed here. I was told by the Vet that it can be dangerous to pets, I think it was eyes, but your cats are obviously not worried by it. Love the goats and the cannas - I'm about to plant some here. I like the one with the tropical red coloured leaves.

Helen said...

Hi Nancy

That plant is a noxious weed here in New Zealand as well. It gets called "wandering willie" now as the other name is considered to be not politically correct. I have a whole bank of the stuff at my place. Round Up doesn't kill it.

Vicky said...

Goats! It sure is interesting at your place! I'm still chuckling over the oreo cows! I read something a while back that the folks at the Getty Museum hired a herd of goats to weed abate the hills around the museum. Seems they did the job in short order! Think green! LOL

Love those cannas. I used to couldn't wait until mine bloomed, which out here is a good half the year.

Great blog! (Hugs)

JoAnna said...

Your goat photo made me smile! I always talk with DH about getting some goats if we move to the country. I heard they were mischevious creatures!

Laurie Ann said...

Those kittens are so sweet! Sometimes I think I should get a cat, but I worry about all the coyotes we have in our area. I also am not sure how Roogrr would be with one. Maybe some day ...