Sunday, June 03, 2007

I WON, more new babies, and email problems

First things first. I WON!!!! Leah had a drawing to celebrate her 200th post and I won a yard of her fabulous hand-dyed fabric! How cool is that! I've really admired her hand dyes and am so excited about winning this one.

Second - new babies!!! Kinda hard to see when they have a "camouflage kitty" for a mommy but we have more new babies at our house. There's 4 of them and they're about a week old. Right now they live behind a gate propped up next to a tree which isn't the most secure place for them but that's not the poor little Mama's fault. See my tractor has been sitting in the back yard for 2 weeks. David was going to replace the ratty old seat last weekend but it rained all weekend so it didn't get done until today. The shredder stays hooked up and was dropped all the way to the ground. She thought WOW this is a great place to raise babies. Solid iron on 3 sides and low to the ground so most things couldn't get in the one open end. Unfortunately the tractor had to move today and with it their nice home. Luckily David saw them when I raised the shredder to back up. He hollered at me to stop just before I backed over them! Luckily I had enough room to pull out forwards by cutting real sharp.

I took the tractor out and made a few rounds to check out the new seat (wow! MUCH more comfy that the old one!) and when I got back she was moving the kittens to their new (hopefully temporary) home. There are 2 yellow/white, 1 black/white and 1 gray/white. The mama is feral. Born at my house to a Mama passing thru. She's never been tame but isn't wild if that makes any sense. You can't pet her or anything but she doesn't run when you come near either. Sure didn't like me messing with her babies but I'm hoping by them getting my scent when they're small they'll remember it when they get bigger. Some times that's all it takes to tame a feral kitten.

Third - if you've tried to leave me a comment or send an email thru my blogmail account you probably got a returned mail message. For some reason GoDaddy has decided that 90% of everything coming into that account is spam so doesn't let much thru. I've changed my email settings to go to another email address. If that one doesn't work either I'll just get a gmail or yahoo account and use that for blogmail. Hopefully it will work now as I've missed getting the comments in email. It's so easy to miss one otherwise and very hard to reply when needed.

I had plans to get some sewing in today but ended up doing other stuff and probably won't be able to sew tomorrow either. But it won't be long before it'll be too hot to work outside and there are a few home maintenance issues we need to deal with before the heat sets in. Then I can go back to sewing. :-)

It's very late and I need to get up very early to try to beat the heat on the tasks we must get done tomorrow so I'll bid you all good night.

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