Monday, July 23, 2007

I knew the day was bound to come. I've been blocked from blogging from work. Not only can I not post I can't get to any of your blogs. When I try I get a notice that "interpersonal relationship and personal sites are blocked". :-( :-( :-( So I guess you'll be seeing even less of me than before because I did most of my reading/commenting at odd spare moments at work. I did discover that I can still read thru bloglines BUT the pictures don't come up so what use it it if I can't SEE what you're talking about! Oh well, I've been expecting it as "personal sites" were blocked a long time ago as was yahoo mail, gmail, etc.

This was a 'Harry Potter" week. :-) First David and I saw the 5th movie on Wednesday. It was good. Not as comprehensive as the book but then I didn't expect they could do justice to the longest book in a little over 2 hours! I do enjoy the movies but the books are sooooooo much better. Then Saturday morning I was at our local Walmart shortly after they opened at 7am to get my copy of the last book. I got home around 8, started a load of laundry, sat down to read and didn't get up (except to swap clothes from the washer to the dryer and use the bathroom) until around 5 pm when I finished the book! And then just because I didn't feel like doing anything on Sunday - I read it again! This after spending the last few weeks re-reading the other 6 books so I'm pretty much Harry Pottered out. LOL! I enjoyed the last book very much. It was all I had hoped it would be but that's ALL you'll get out of me cause there are some unfortunate souls who haven't had the chance to read it yet. :-)

There has been absolutely NO sewing going on here in a very long time. My sewing room is a mess and the table is piled high with fabric I've been gathering up from around the house. Guess I should find some time to put it away and maybe I'd be able to set my sewing machine up again. Not that I really have much time but I'd sure like to go back to at least sewing a few seams a day if nothing else. I spend about 2 hours a day (including travel to and changing in and out of my swimsuit) at the gym. Sure does cut into my "ME" time but right now that's just the way it has to be. And I've gotten so addicted to it I really do miss it on weekends when I don't go! I'm not sure if I've lost any more weight as I only weigh at the beginning of each month. But I FEEL better. A LOT better! And I have more energy and stamina so even if the pounds aren't dropping I know I'm getting healthier and the pounds will follow in their own sweet time. Now add no blogging except at home and that will cut into my sewing time even more. So don't expenct much in the way of quilty content for quite a while. If I have anything to share it just might have to be the small section of a block I manage to get done that day instead of the whole block. LOL!

I did get a picture of the fabric I bought when Susan and I had retail therapy in Vicksburg a few weeks ago but I left my camera cord at work so can't download them here to share. In fact when I tried to post those from work Friday is when I found I couldn't blog from there any longer. Gotta remember to get that cord today so maybe pictures to share tonight.

Better get to work. I'm trying to go in at 7 so I can get off by 3:30 or 4. That will at least get me to the gym an hour earlier so maybe that will give me a bit of sewing time in the evening if I can get home by 6 instead of the almost 7 it has been lately.


atet said...

Sorry you can't get to your blog from work anymore! Hope you can find some time for sewing soon!

Pam said...

I've been blocked from the office as well, for over a year industry...BUT...I can get to my own site and read comments...actually I can get to quite a few personal sites if they don't have "blogspot" "typepad" or etc as a part of the address.

I am so proud of you for sticking to your gym routine...proud proud proud..go Nancy go!!!


QuiltingFitzy said...

Yeah, I can't use the computer for ANYTHING personal. I would never test the system either, I'm totally a rule follower, lol.

I read blogs from 4am-5am, it's my waking up time with coffee. I'm at work by 7:15 and work until 7 most nights. Heck, I'm passed out by 9. Only 2 more weeks of overtime.

Hard to make new schedules but HEY, you're doing the pool as ME time girl!

Melzie said...

I've been missing you :) I read HP already also, I couldnt re-read as my boys took immediate custody of it LOL. How's your kitten? xoxo melzie

Melzie said...
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DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

You sure will be missed! But work is work and you have to follow the rules.

Shelina said...

Sorry you lost your "personal" connection at work, but I am glad that the swimming is making you feel better. Keep your priorities straight, keep swimming, keep stitching, and drop by to say hi from time to time!

Vicky said...

Well, you have to MAKE time to blog in on a regular basis! I've missed having my morning coffee with you! I'm so proud of you for sticking to your swimming. If I didn't have such a commute .... (sigh) I always have an excuse, don't I?

Please post your fabric purchases! I'm about to pop to see them!


Holly said...

Hi Nancy - that Harry Potter book must have been really good if you read it twice in two days!!!

Don't you love being addicted to exercize - I'm proud of you for sticking with it.

Good to see you back :)

Kim said...

I have a similar "problem" at work--they've blocked our personal e-mails and some websites. They also can monitor us, so although I do occasionally read a blog or two during my lunch hour, I keep it to a minimum. I find it very annoying that we can't spend time reading on the internet during our lunch hour. Like you, I try to cram a lot of my personal "stuff" in with what time I have, and it just kills me to "waste" an hour at lunch!

Patti said...

I'm blocked from blog reading at work now too - completely blocked in all ways - so that's one of the big reasons I'm behind. The new firewall - necessary for us as a financial institution - blocks out most interesting sites. It would be much better if it blocked out online fabric stores - but it doesn't LOL!

Sew Unique Creations said...

Nancy- I hope you are ok! I miss reading your blog!

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