Monday, August 08, 2005

Good morning.

When I started this blog I had intended to post every day or so but then I've been in a bit of a blue funk most of the summer and haven't done much of anything.

My Mom died last month. :-( It wasn't unexpected, in fact it was in many ways a relief as she's not been doing well for several years and was SOOOOOOO ready! But being Mom that still doesn't make it easier.

We went back to MS for the funeral and had the nicest visit with my family. It was the same weekend the hurricane was possible projected to hit the MS/LA coast and there wasn't a motel room to be found anwhere within 150 miles! My husband is in a wheelchair so we couldn't stay with friends or relatives so we had to find something that was wheelchair accessible. Luckily I remembered that Leroy Percy State Park, just 3 miles down the road from where I grew up had at least 1 handicap equipped cabin. I called and was lucky enough to get it for 3 nights. Since it had 2 bedrooms I was able to offer one of those to my sister and her husband which freed up a bedroom at my brothers for other family members. This cabin was so nice, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and dining/sitting room. Screened-in back porch facing the water with a picnic table and bbq pit in the back yard. No TV or telephone (dead area inside the park itself for cell phones). Just a lot of peace and quiet. Just the thing we all needed at that time. We all enjoyed it so much that we've decided to rent both sides of the cabin (it's a duplex) next spring for a family reunion. It's funny, we all grew up just 3 miles from this park and rarely utilized it's services. I guess you never really look at what's in your own backyard. In case you ever want a really nice spot just to relax for a few days give them a try.

There's absolutely NOTHING else to do in the area (unless you like casino gambling which they have about 25 miles away in Greenville). But for a nice, quiet time with no access to or interuptions from the outside world this is a really great place to visit

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