Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Well we dodged a big bullet last week. As late as Wednesday the eye of hurricane Rita was projected to pass right over us. Even though we're pretty far inland here we were still expected to get very high winds and flooding. As it turns out she turned east and we didn't even get so much as 1 drop of rain! Of course just in case I still had to move lawn mowers and 4 wheelers, etc. to high ground. This is really getting old! Sure will be glad when we get moved out of this flood plain. I'm going to miss all my beautiful oak trees but sure won't miss the hassle of moving everything every time we have a thread of flooding.

The move has now been put off until next spring. :-( We should have been moving within the next few weeks but David had a bad bout of cellutitus and ended up in the hospital for 4 days followed by 10 days of IV antibiotics and home followed by 10 more days of orals antibiotics. Not sure what the final tally will be for all the medical bills but added on top of the $1800 we're having to shell out to get electricity to the lot moving the trailer also just isn't in the budget right now.

I've been doing a little sewing. The first in a very long time. I've been playing with my scraps and had a BUNCH of nickles cut. First I pulled all the singles. Then I pulled pairs one at a time and dug thru the singles until I found one that looked decent with the pair. I cut the pair in half diagonally and I'm sewing them to the sides of the singles making square-in-square blocks. These are so easy since the corners are a bit oversized and I can just trim them all down to a uniform size when I finish. When I'm done I should have enough to make a queen-sized quilt for a nephew who was married this summer and a matching crib sized for his new daughter who was born last week. I pulled all the pretty, pastely ones for the baby quilt and the "darker" ones for the queen. And I think I'll have enough "bright" ones to make a nice lap sized for charity. It's pretty mindless sewing which is all I can handle right now. I do need to get the baby quilt finished this week so I can deliver it when I meet my new great-niece for the first time this weekend. I'm not sure how I'm going to set it yet. Maybe just put the blocks together with no sashing and find something pretty in my stash to border it with. I have a lot of delicate calicos I inherited from Mama's stash where she made pretty little dresses for my nieces when they were little. I should have enough of something to back it with. If not I'll just cut 10-1/2" squares ala Bonnie and piece the back. BTW, this didn't make a DENT in the nickles!

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