Sunday, November 27, 2005

It's been a very long time since I've done any sewing and I just had to play! I was recently in a swap of 10" Christmas charms. I've collected Christmas fabrics for years with the plan of making myself a Christmas quilt but never got around to it. So I decided nows the time. So I cut a bunch more 10" charms from my Christmas stash and made these Crazy 9-Patch blocks. I'll be following that with a narrow red border to stop the busyness and then will add a final border of this great Christmas Cat fabric. This is going to be a wonderful quilt and all from my stash. Except the swapped charms and since they didn't end up in my stash I'm going to consider them as stash also. (It's my quilt/stash so I can make my own rules!)

And for today's cat picture. I guess I should have put the lid back on the tote after I finished cutting my squares. When I turned around just a few minutes later Charlie had made herself comfortable amongst the fabric.

And I STILL have over half the tote left! So I think I'll start cutting 2" strips from all the dark/medium prints to make one of Bonnie's pineapple quilts. I'll use a couple WOW/COC christmas prints I have for the contrasting squares. Then anything left will be pieced into backings for the 2 quilts. I'm determined to use up ALL this Christmas stuff this year. Quite a lot of it dates back to the early 1980s so it's about time to find a home for it in a couple quilts. The only Christmas fabric I should have left when I finish is the couple yards of The Twelve Days of Cat Christmas I have and the dozen leftover fqs of Folk Art Christmas IV left from the quilt I made David's boss and his wife for Christmas a few years ago. I'm thinking I'll make them a few co-ordinating pillows for this year. The quilt blends so beautifully with their living room furniture and the prints don't scream "Christmas" so they leave it out all year round. And that will be one "free from my stash" present out of the way.


Finn said...

I LOVE your christmas charms quilt..that is one great top! And what a neat cat print to use for borders..*G*.

I was suprised that you have fabric from the 80's...LOL..I think I have every christmas print they (VIP and Ben Franklin)put out back then. That swan print in my pineapple is one of those 1980's fabrics. I'm happy to be using them up.

I found the pineapple blossom to go really fast once your strips and squares are cut. I think I will be doing a second one, with scrappy lights instead of all the same. But I used up about a yard and a half of that pineneedle print from the early 1990's so I'm happy.

Hate to see you completely finish your tote off..LOL..never know what else might come along to use christmas fabric for..I sure wasn't planning on making a new quilt this christmas...LOL

JudyL said...

Nice Christmas quilt and yes, it is definitely a stash quilt! Good for you.

Those cats seem to find the most comfy places to sleep. Would you love to curl up in someone's beloved stash and take a little nap? :)

The Calico Cat said...

Cute kitty & great cat fabric. I made a trip around the world and used a cat fabric as the border - my best decision ever! The cats still look as nice as they did on the bolt!