Friday, November 25, 2005

Today's quilt offering. This was made a couple years ago with fabric from Mama's stash just after she sent it home with me. It's a mended heart that was done as a weekend frenzy.


Finn said...

Love the hearts Nancy....the contrast is exciting. So glad you get to work on it..*VBS* Will you be able to keep it if you choose? Love the special furry precious..*S*

JudyL said...

Nancy: Welcome to the stashquilts ring. I love all the quilts I've seen on your blog!

Judy L.

Nancy said...

Oh yes, finn. This is mine! Or to be more honest it belongs to my kitties. They seem to think all quilts are made just for them. LOL! I keep it folded in the rocking chair in my sewing room and there's usually a cat or two curled up on it while I'm working in there.