Monday, December 12, 2005

I haven't shared a cat photo in a few days. This was Lucy Jo. She was the first inside kitty I ever had. She was a gift from David's grandmother shortly after we married. The quilt she's laying on is the one my Granny made me for a wedding gift. It was lost in a house fire the next year.


Tropical Screamer said...

What a cute picture.

I wonder if all cats love quilts?

My Tigger has started climbing into my lap while I'm hand quilting. He's so helpful. ;)

Your quilts are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


The Calico Cat said...

AWW what a cute kitty - soryy that you lost that future heirloom....

Finn said...

Great picture nancy, love the kitty cuddling in the quilt..*S*

I think it's a wonderful tribute to your Granny that you have gone on to make quilts, as she did, what a great tribute to her..*VBS*