Monday, December 12, 2005

This was my Granny. Noma Earle Mitchell Sykes. When I was growing up she's the only person I ever knew who made quilts. Everyone else just used blankets. When I married she asked what I'd like to have as a wedding gift. Of course I said a quilt! She said she wouldn't have time to make one and having no idea at the time what was involved in making a quilt I told her it didn't have to be fancy just squares sewn together by machine would be fine. Boy was I arrogant or what! I'm sorry, Granny, I really didn't understand but now I do. And that knowledge makes me love that quilt even more. I'd give almost anything to still have it but as I said in my previous post it was lost in a fire the next year.

I think the reason I love the double 4 patch I posted a few weeks ago is that it reminds me of the type quilt that Granny made and makes me feel connected to her even though she's been gone for quite some time now.

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The Calico Cat said...

My great grandmother is was the only quilter in my family - she died when my grandmother was young. I will inherit the only quilt that my grandmother owns that her mother made.... (The only "thing" I want.)