Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sarah issued a no-buy challenge for 2006. Originaly I declined. But this morning I started cleaning up my sewing room. (And no I will NOT be posting pictures of the "before" mess!) It's such a mess I can barely get in the door. Usually I open the door, look at the mess, get discouraged, shut the door and go veg in front of the computer. I'm so tired of not being able to find what I want to work with when I know I have it somewhere. This time I went in there with the intention of doing just one thing at a time. Today I'm working on coralling my stash. I grabbed a stack of boxes and have been filling them with loose fabric that's strewn all over the room. So far I've filled 4 boxes and can see another 4 to 6 boxes of fabric in piles all over the place. This does not include the fabric in my stash closets or scattered all over the house.

I guess it's time for me to admit my stash has grown way further out of control that I had originally thought! So I will accept Sarah's challenge and limit myself to only borders, backgrounds and backings in 2006.

UFOs will have to wait for another year although I probably will pull some of them and re-evaluate whether I'm really ever going to finish them as originally planned. But for now I think I'll mostly concentrate on stash quilts.

Disclaimer: This commitment will NOT extend to cat fabrics. I collect these and do not consider them to be stash. So any cat fabric I run across in the next year will probably be following me home. But JUST cat fabrics I promise and probably only in fq and 1/2yd cuts.


Finn said...

Good Morning Nancy, I'm tickled pink that you are joining Sarah, ME too!! While I maybe don't have quite as much to deal with as you..it's still tooooooo much. Even with a two bedroom cottage style apt..it's too much.

I am going to hang onto trying to finish UFO's also, and not start so many new ones...LOL..ya, like did I start a new one yesterday..ya..*VBG* I'm soooo weak in that department...but oh well!!

Love the disclaimer...LOL..what a good idea. I've also joined Stashbusters, at Yahoo, and will be following their no-buy rule from Nov. 1st,'05 to Nov.1st '06..and see if that helps. For me part of the culprit is scraps..lots and lots of scraps and not well organized like Bonnie is...but I'm working on it..*G*

JudyL said...

Nancy, we all seem to have the same problem. I do understand about looking at the mess and getting frustrated. I keep thinking I need a larger sewing area but I know what would happen . . I'd have a larger mess.

I can't wait to see how we all do in 2006 with our efforts to reduce the stash.

Oh, don't let Amy (calico cat) know that you collect cat fabrics. That girl has to have a TON of cat fabrics!

Good luck!


Tropical Screamer said...

Cat fabrics. Hmmmmmmm. :)

Like I need another vice.

I'm in a two bedroom and I have intentions of turning the second bedroom from an "office" to a sewing room. I keep walking in there and turning around and walking back out.

Maybe 2006 will be the year of the Sewing Room.

Laurie said...

I tried that "no buying" thingy this year. It "sort of" worked...and "sort of" not! LOL...I have made several quilts just from my stash though and that was satisfying! My fabric buying dropped drastically this year...you'd never now by looking at my stash closet! ;) Good luck with your adventure!

The Calico Cat said...

Good for you... & I love the exception. I can't leave kitty fabrics at the store either.

Take a look at the "cat" quilt I blogged about today....

One of my favorite ways to use cat prints....