Sunday, January 08, 2006

Good Morning!

We're one week into the new year now. How is everyone else doing with your quilting goals?

I'm pretty much on track with mine so far.
1. I've purchased no new fabric even though I had to run by Hancocks for some more light grey thread.
2. I have spent at least 15 minutes (usually 2+ hours) per day on my quiling except for Friday when I worked from 8am till 10pm. That day I barely made it home and to bed!
3. I picked my 3 projects and have worked only on those until yesterday. When I picked 3 to be my magic number I was thinking 1 leaders/enders, 1 main project, and 1 in waiting that I could be getting fabrics pulled and cut for when I didn't feel like actually sewing. I forgot to leave myself a hand work project for those times when I need to sit in my recliner with my feet up but don't want to just veg out and do nothing. So I've changed my 3 projects to 4.
4. I have not finished a quilt yet but have decided that with some of the money I'm saving by not buying fabric (or books and magazines) I'll be sending several quilts out to be done. When I look back over the last year I see that on average I've probably spent around $150-$200 PER MONTH on fabric, books, magazines, etc. So 1 quilt a month can go out to be quilted and anything left over will go into my kitty for a new sewing machine. I want one of the straight stitch only ones that sews really fast and has a bit bigger arm than the one I have now.
5. The no new UFO one will not be addressed each week as that's more one to worry about come nearer to years end.

So that's my progress. Now to get to work so I can get caught up a bit there while there's no one there to distract me. I've promised myself I'll only work a half day so I can get home and play with my fabric some more.

Oh and on a personal note. I did not post my personal goals here but I did lose 5.1 lbs. in the last 5 days. And with a birthday falling in that time too! Wasn't even tempted by birthday cake or anything else sweet. And I did it without being hungry all the time.


quiltpixie said...

Happy belated B'Day, and its great to see you working so dilegently away at your goals. Keep up the good work

Jeanne said...

Good girl, Nancy!!! I can only report that I didn't buy any fabric and I lost a pound+ because I was sick all week, not because I was actually working on my goals. Next week is gonna be better!

Finn said...

Great job on the goals and on the weight loss Nancy!!! *VBS* That is very impressive..and I so admire your determination..!

You are getting so much done, things will be whipped into shape(you too) in no time..Hugs, Finn

Mary said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start.

I'm progressing too and just trying to keep myself from starting something new. I'll be glad to finish these two twin quilts and get them out of my studio and onto the beds!

The Calico Cat said...

You officially have a "Fab-4" list! On my yahoo group several ladies have a fab-four list so that when they want ot work on something they don't have to decide which project to work on! Your rationale for chooseing is GREAT! I need to organize my projects similarly. I am currently in a cutting spree.