Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jeanne posted a very eloquent statement about using our special fabric now instead of saving it just in case we find the perfect use for it in the future. I was actually posting this as a comment on her blog when I realized this is a really good subject for a blog post. :-)

So my comment would have read:
I agree about using what we have now and not saving it for a special project. I consider all projects to be special. So when I start something I go thru my stash and pull everything I think will go with the project and lay them out on the table. I usually end up putting a lot of it back but it's easier for me to make my final fabric selections with everything laid out together. And when I say I pull everything I mean everything. I have no problem pulling a 6 yd. cut of fabric in order to cut a 4" square out of it if it's the perfect fabric for my current project. And most times if I don't have a color scheme in mind already I start with one of my special fabrics and pull others to go with it.

I actually love it when I'm able to find a use for one of my special fabrics. Even if I do use it up on a project that's being given away. I still have the pleasure of working with it and probably scraps left to toss in my scrap bins so I might still end up with a bit of that special fabric in a quilt for myself.

And I even love it when I use the last little bit of a special fabric up. That just means I loved it enough to use every little scrap and none of it ended up in a landfill somewhere. And it just gives me an excuse to go buy another special piece of fabric.

I think maybe it's easier for me to use up my special fabric that it is for a lot of you because I inherited Mama's stash. And I see so many fabrics that she loved but never used. And much of it just wasn't to my taste so I gave it away. So I decided I'd rather use my fabric myself than have someone else use it after I'm gone!

That's my reasoning for using my special fabric. What's yours for saving it?

P.S. Jeanne, please don't tell me your sewing room is ALWAYS that neat? Cause if it is that's just plain unnatural! I've been playing with my scraps. Cutting them into strips and squares and other usuable bits and my sewing room looks pretty much like a bomb exploded in it. LOL! But I'm sure having fun!


The Calico Cat said...

Here here! I am so in agreement with you... Some of my favorite pieces of fabric, I inherited from a friend who passed away.

cher said...

I think you have hit the nail on the head Nancy...stash...what's it good for? going into quilts! *vbs*

Tropical Screamer said...

What a great post. I so agree with you and appreciate that you shared your thoughts.

And I'm piecing in my livingroom today and my couch looks like a little rat's nest. I try to be tidy and I still end up with little snips of fabric and thread all over. I think I might be the messiest quilter alive. LOL.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I think quilts are much more long lasting than fabric stashes. I love seeing certain little bits of fabrics first in one quilt, then in another, and another again! Yes, a bitter-sweet moment when you realize the last snippet is gone, but oh the joy to go buy something new, exciting, and yes, beautiful - to start the whole process over again.



Laurie said...

Great post Nancy! And LOL at Jeanne's room being that clean! MINE ISN'T!!! ;O)

Jeanne said...

What wonderful thoughts about using stash! I'm especially touched by your feelings about your Mom's unused fabrics!
Ha, no my room isn't usually that neat. More often there's stuff strewn all over, and both dogs snoring in the middle of it.
Jeanne :)

Samantha said...

I wish I could get to the point where you and Jeanne are! I'm still working through my severe case of hoarditis. But, I am working on it!!