Sunday, June 04, 2006

Looks like we're kinda back. The satelite dude was here until 9:30 last night and when he left our internet still wasn't working. Then David tried it again about an hour later it still didn't work. But when he tried again about 11:30 it did! I don't have faith that it will keep working so I'm going to try to get around the ring while I can.

I haven't posted kitty pictures in a while so please indulge me. We have babies at our house. 2 litters of 3 kittens each. One set the mama is wild and so are the kittens. The other set (2 of them shown here) belong to Mama Kitty (the matriarch of our cat clan) and while they won't let me touch them they do play all around my feet when I'm standing on the porch. I don't care how much you might dislike cats, how can you watch kittens play without a big grin appearing on your face! They're so full of adventure and it delights me to watch them as they discover the world around them.


Tropical Screamer said...

Oh, kittens.

Are there any orange and white ones? :)

I hope you're connection keeps working. Paws crossed here.


Norma said...

Oh, kittens! I agree, watching kittens play can bring a smile to even the most grumpy face! It is good to see you back. Here's hoping your internet connection holds. Sometimes this new technology frustrates more than assists!

Linda_J said...

all together now, AWWWWHHH. What little sweeties!

Laurie said...

me thinks you need a more reliable internet provider! ;)

JudyL said...

I hate having internet problems. I hope your problems are now solved and you're not without internet any more.

Judy L.

ForestJane said...


Are you keeping them all or trying to find homes?