Thursday, August 24, 2006


I just received the following email from Judy at SunshineQuilts. She's having major blogger problems and has had to start a new blog. The link is in her note below.

"I suppose a few of you have noticed that I've been rather quiet and it was not by choice! Last Friday, after a second notice from Blogger that I should switch my blog over to the new beta version, and assurances that it would be a smooth transaction, I did it. It was NOT a smooth transaction and I cannot sign in to my blog. It seems that if you have a google account (gmail) which is the same name as your blog, then everything went wrong. I have a account and the name of my blog is sunshinequilts and . . it just didn't work. Google's customer service has to make the worst customer service in the history of the world look good. They are just awful!
I have pretty much given up on getting back into the old blog so I started a new one and it is I hated using my name because the last name is so hard to spell but I guess in the back of my mind, I'm still hoping this is a temporary blog.

So, if you have the time (and desire), could you please mention on your blog how readers can find me.

I have the codes up but I do not have much else over there right now. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I was, at how lost I was without the blog and how unmotivated I felt. I just wanted it to work and it will not!

Life goes on . .

Thanks for your help in getting the word out about the new blog.

Judy L."

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Finn said...

Hi Nancy, just stopping by to drop of a "hi" and a "howdy" and leave you a hug, Finn *VBS*