Saturday, April 07, 2007

For your viewing pleasure today - the blue Heartstrings top. This is all the blue blocks I received plus some of the ones I made. I have enough blocks left to make 2 more quilts if I make them a bit smaller with alternate settings. I'll play with those over the next few days and see what I can come up with.

I will get to sew most of the weekend since the weather is not co-operating with our outside plans. Gosh Darn I'm just heartbroken over that. LOL!

We had to run to town yesterday to get fence posts (for the fence we can't put up now cause it's raining) and when we got home there was this little feller just a cursing away up in that tree in our backyard. You could tell he was cursing from the tone of his voice. Why he was cursing becomes evident when you pan out and see the broader picture. :-)Poor George. He tries but he just can't catch that pesky squirrel. Especially since he won't climb a tree anymore. Not after he spent 3 days stuck in a tree 2 years ago and ended up being blown out by a fire hose! After that his tree climbing days are over. LOL! That's also when he moved inside. Not a bad life for a stray, huh?


Holly said...

Both heartstrings tops are so pretty! You have the most interesting posts, Nancy. Always puts a smile on my face :)

Mrs. Moody said...

That quilt is so nice. I hadn't heard of a cursing squirrel but that picture sure does tell a story.

Vicky said...

I can just hear Mr. Squirrel! I am always awestruck by the beauty of your property! So lush and green!

The blue strings are great! I even see a string out of one of the quilts that will be in Judy's new book! :) This is a fabulous project, Nancy, in memory of your Dad. Thank you!


Mary said...

Nancy, I love the blue and the red HeartString quilts - you're getting a lot done!