Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weather rant

Okay those of you dealing with snow can just click away now cause you're gonna think my complaint is piddling compared to what you're dealing with. But gosh darn it look at this!You see that? It's sleet!!!!! In South Texas on the day before Easter! Yesterday I was running my air conditioner and today it's COLD!!!!! Jeez, don't be talking to me about global warming........


Sweet P said...

I will allow your rant. Sleet in Texas is not right. It's dangerous no matter where it is.

I hope you're enjoying your sewing today.

deputyswife said...

Rant away, because it has been 30 degrees here all week. The week before we had 60+ temps. Now all of the cute spring flowers (that peeped out too early) are croaked. CROAKED! Magnolia tree. Toast! ARGH!

No, I am not frustrated with this weather. Just mildly irritated.

Happy Easter! Keep warm!

Vicky said...

Your weather has been like ours - A/C one day, heater the next. Of course, no sleet here, but it was cold and drizzly yesterday! Hope you get a bit warmer today.

Have a wonderful Easter!