Monday, April 30, 2007

Great Fabric Depression of May 2007

Vicky has issued a no-buy challenge for the month of May and I've decided to join with her. Anyone else up to the challenge? "Rules" are pretty simple (and flexible!). No new fabric except for background, borders, backing, and binding. Vacation purchases are allowed. Just so long as you don't call it a "vacation" when you go to the next town over for the afternoon for the express purpose of visiting a quilt shop. And heck if you REALLY want it bad enough to bend the rules that far then I guess we'll even allow those type "vacations". LOL! Quilt show purchases are an exception as these are once a year events and besides who can resist the vendor mall at a quilt show? The purchase of a fabric for which you've been actively searching for months and run across on a sale table and there's only enough left for what you need are allowed. Basically if you don't feel like it's a cheat then it's not. :-)

Those are the rules for the official challenge. (Did I leave anything out, Vicky?) For myself I'm also extending this to cover all quilt-related purchases. No books, magazines, patterns, thread, gadgets, etc. I certainly don't need anything so I'm going to see if I can put a halt to all those extra impulse purchases I seem to be making a lot of lately.

In addition I'm only going to work on UFOs this next month. If it's not at least mostly cut out before midnight then it's off-limits for the month of May. I have sooooooo many projects going (almost 100!) that I need to see the numbers go down a bit instead of steadily up!

So who's up to the challenge. Are you brave enough to attempt a whole month without buying fabric? Can you curb your impulse to start 14 new projects next week? Come on. If I can do it anyone can!

Wonder how many kits I can cut tonight before midnight..........


Mrs. Moody said...

Nancy- I will join in with you. I just purchased some for bindings this weekend even though I shouldn't have. I definitely could go an entire month without buying.

Greenmare said...

I will join you on the part about working on only UFO's in May.
You would think my reign as queen would have taught me something! Gosh! look at the time, less than 4 hours until April is over, I need to go cut something!!

Quilt Memories said...

Nancy, let me join in, that will be a real challenge, as our LQS is having sales all week for their anniversary. So it will not be easy, but really I DO NOT need a thing.Well, maybe I could use SOME stuff, but I will suffer through somehow!!!!!!!!!! LOL
I am going to Las Vegas on the 15th, will be gone most of the rest of the month, but will be all work related, probably won't even get to a quilt shop. But if I do, I may not behave! Wish me luck.

mamaspark said...

I would LOVE to join in. I guess my DH brought the message home when I overheard him tell someone we have a fabric shop in the basement, LOL. I already vowed to work on UFO's for the whole year but not buying for the month will be good too.

Vicky said...

Is it May 1st already? Thank goodness April is over!

Yep, you know I'm in. I've got the giterdun quilt ready to sew on, and a shop sample cut out. So I've got my dance card filled for May. BUT my computer is coming home tonight; it's those middle of the night pokings that I worry about! LOL

Thanks for the announcement, Nancy! You're gonna make a wonderful drill sergeant this month!! :)


Patti said...

Still catching up. I'm in the middle of the alphabet for these few days, which took me right to your blog! So now I have 16 days of posts to read - half a month! I'm eager to see how you are doing on your challenge. I'm with you so far - no new projects and no fabric bought this month. Hooray! I hope I'll find that you can say the same.