Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday morning checking in

I didn't get much done in the sewing room because I spent a good bit of Saturday working outside and most of Sunday recuperating in my chair! I did get the blocks made from the kit I bought last week. Just have to find a few minutes to lay them out on the bed and arrange them. No design wall so I have to either use the bed or floor. My poor aching body wasn't up to the floor and David was in the bed when I wanted to work on this so it got put aside for another day.

NO cleaning done. But I figured I deserved the day off. At least I didn't go backwards. ALMOST as I made a bit of a mess as I was sewing but I did make myself pick that up before I went to bed last night.

Oh I did get that box of fabric and scraps dealt with so I guess I did do some cleaning. I can now get into all my strip bins and not just the few at the top.

I also worked on some chinese coins for the Heartstrings project. They had an in person and virtual retreat going this weekend. The quilt I make from these blocks will be dedicated to my mom. She should have celebrated her 75th birthday yesterday. You know at one time I thought 75 was REALLY old but now as I near 50 I find it's not so old at all. Happy Birthday, Mama. I miss you every day but on days like yesterday it hurts so much more. You were taken from me WAY too soon.


swooze said...

Sounds like my weekend. Semi productive. Wish I had done more though!

paula, the quilter said...

It used to be that I could go out and work in the yarden all weekend and go about my bizness. Now, I spend 3 hours pulling weeds and it takes me 4 days to recuperate! I feel for you.

Linda_J said...

It sounds like you still had a productive weekend, Nancy. You have been working so hard in the sewing room reorganizing that you deserved the break after all that yard work.

I have taken the day off today once I finished my weekend "hafta" project. My fingers and hands are thanking me.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Doctors Orders:

Take some "in progress" shots of your room. Try to duplicate the previous shots maybe?

I'm so proud of you.