Friday, April 20, 2007

Sewing room, Hidden Treasure, Siggy Swap, and Thinking Blogger

Thank you Fitzy for today's nagging email. :-) I came in tired. Sat in my chair to chill out at the computer. Checked my mail. Found your message. And promptly went up front and got to work. About an hour later this is what I have. Would have been about 15 minutes if I hadn't kept stopping to look at stuff. :-) It's a start.

TodayI haven't vacumned but I did sweep. And I notice I left stuff under the tool box so I'll go get that before I go to bed. Now I can get in the closet and I think I'll do a little tossing in there in the morning. That way I can utilize the shelf space in there better and get some of the overflow from the sewing room put away there.

You asked to see photos of things I uncovered as I found them. Today's find. A wall hanging I started about 2 years ago. It's finished except for the applique in the center of the block. It will have one of those ying/yang type applique tulips out of the 2 fabrics at the bottom of the picture. You know the kind. Cookie/cutter look with one fabric echoing the other with the opposite colors in each place on the left and right of the piece. I know. Not a good explanation but I can see it in my mind. This will be my play piece this next week. I truly will take me a few hours to finish the top and a few more to quilt it and that will be a UFO finished DONE-DONE. Which is a good thing since I'm creeping to the top of the queen list on the Stashbuster Yahoo group.

I got my siggies in and found a wonderful surprise when I started looking thru them. See that one by itself on the bottom. It's from Bea at Capricorn Quilts. She had a little contest going. She added a bit of blue color to each of her blocks. Except one that she calls her SUPER-siggy. That one had a bit of another color. The person who emails her with the correct color gets a little prize. And guess what? Mine had GREEN on it! And she has confirmed that to be the magic color so I WON!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

Last for tonight's long rambly post. Melzie nominated me for the Thinking Blogger Award. WOW that floored me as I don't consider myself to be a thinker. I'm more the figure-it-out-as-I-go kinda person. When she named me she said, "Nancy is friendliness personified. She always takes time out for a personal word or encouragement." All I can say is, "WOW!!" Those few kind words mean more to me. Melzie, than you can imagine. I'm not sure if you realize it cause I'm told I don't come across that way online but I'm PAINFULLY shy and introverted and it just amazes me that anyone finds any interest in what I have to say and show.

Now on to the task of nominating 5 more people. I've thought about this a lot and I've decided NOT to do this. How can I pick just 5 people who inspire me. I have almost 200 blogs on my bloglines list and I get something from each and every one of them. Plus I'm a major softy and I just can't stand to hurt someone's feelings by leaving them out. Which is one reason you don't see my bloglines list on my sidebar anylonger. Because I subdivided it into groups. I just don't have time to read everything that's posted every day AND leave comments too. And leaving comments is very important to me as I'm a comment junkie myself and love getting feedback on the things I post. Some days I can only check a few blogs and others I have time to read everything. So I have a favorites list of about 20. These I go check out every time they have a new post. I still might not have time to always comment but these are the ones I want to read first when I have a few spare minutes throughout the day. These ladies are very special to me and have been the most inspirational to me over the past almost year. These are the ladies I feel would be good friends in person if we were to live near each other. But I really do treasure the other 180ish ladies so rather than have anyone KNOW they aren't on my top 20 I chose to remove the list from my blog. Kinda silly I know but I always was the peacemaker in my family and I really can't stand to hurt someone's feelings.

Okay so now you all know something wierd about me. LOL! Or at least you do if you made it all the way to the bottom of this post. :-)


Vicky said...

Waytago, Nancy!!!! Baby steps - but then you'll be so organized, you'll put the rest of us to shame!!

You get the Gold Star for accomplishing your goal today!!


Leah S said...

I'm glad Fitzy pushed ya! It's really looking good. I have this area by my ironing board that looks like a landslide and I'd be THRILLED to have it as clean as your spot is! Progress! :)

And don't worry about who is and isn't on the top 20, I'm generally happy that people read my blog period, whether they comment or not. I certainly don't really take the time to comment if I'm behind in my blog reading... which obviously I am not tonight. ;) (One of my favorite forums is completely down, so I'm in a bit of a withdrawal).

Now that I think about it... your blog would probably be in my top 20 if I had such a list. I'm not sure why, but I always enjoy reading what you write, even if it's long or you're rambling. :)

Becky said...

YEAH! Looking GREAT! I read your blog and several others when I'm finally home for more than 2 minutes at a time and it's always so interesting and inspiring.My craft/hobby room is just as cluttered if not worse and unfortunately at the moment so it the rest of my house. I'm hoping to be able to take a week off from work soon to remedy that.

Sweet P said...

Congrats on cleaning. Don't you feel better already? Also congrats on winning Bea's siggie block prize.

Holly said...

I love your siggy blocks, Nancy! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

I should work on my sewing room, too. It's a bit of a disaster.

QuiltingFitzy said...


See Nancy.

See Nancy go!

Way to go Nancy! I had faith.

Now, only clean for an hour today, then DO SOME FUN STUFF.

Patti said...

Not wierd at all Nancy! Though I'd never have guessed you were so shy. You certainly don't come across that way. Isn't the internet so wonderful - even shy people can come out of their shells in pring and show their special private self to the rest of us. You are certainly special to us!

cher said...

looking great Nancy- just think what the next 30 minute session will result in!

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