Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Block 3

Okay the majority of ya'll asked for them as they're completed so here's block 3. There will probably be a block 4 today also as I'm taking another vacation day but I have other things I want to accomplish around the house so if I do another it will be this afternoon or evening.

First things first I need to go get the tractor from the far other side of the property where it ran out of gas last time I used it and get some of the mowing done. It takes so long to do all of it I'm trying to do a little bit every few days. And about time I finish it's time to start all over again. Which is why we've started putting fence in to put some goats on about 3/4 of the property. Let THEM mow it. Much cheaper than buying tractor gas at the price of gas these days!

More kitty pictures. :-) As you can see from the gray blur they're some fast little suckers!


Shelina said...

What a pretty block. You don't have to show a quilty thing every day - it's your blog and your rules. I like the idea about having goats to mow your lawn. I don't have a fence, but you're welcome to send them my way when they are done with yours!

Lisa D. said...

Yes! Please continue to post your blocks, they are so pretty!

Susan H. said...

I love the colors in this one. Can't wait to seen the next one.