Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Block 1-S

No I've neither gotten confused about the block number I was on nor about the fabrics I was using. I figured since I'm making a sampler out of the Sunshine collection why not start with the weather vane block (while I can remember how to piece it!) I really like the way this turned out. 1 block down - 24 to go. This one will be set 7X7 with a simple framed square block as the alternate blocks using the white prints in the centers and the blue bubbles as the frame. Then the whole thing will have a narrow inner border of the blue bubbles, an outer border of the floral stripe and the yellow bubbles will be the binding. As planned it will finish at about 104" square. Plenty big enough for my king bed. And another one that will have to go out to be quilted!

I've been looking thru some of my books for block ideas. I'd kinda like the blocks to be a bit more difficult that what I usually do. So no 9-patches or churn dashes allowed. Maybe. I'm always subject to change my mind at the drop of a hat. LOL! But I'm enjoying the weather vane blocks so much done block by block that I think I'll enjoy trying some of the more difficult blocks for my sampler.

I really think one of the reasons I'm enjoying the one-at-a-time blocks is I get to see a finish for every block. Rather than doing zoom-zoom piecing where you have to do all the steps for all the blocks before you start putting them together. BORING.....And should I get bored with these I can always finish the quilt off at a smaller size just using the blocks I've completed. I know, sad to be considering that this would turn into a UFO. But I do know myself so well.

And never fear I haven't put away the other weather vane blocks. This was just a pause from working on them. And I might kinda alternate blocks for both quilts depending on my mood. We'll see.


Quilt Memories said...

the first blocks are very pretty ,but the second set(pastels) are my favorite. But then I am partial to pastels.You wouldn't know that by looking at what I have done so far, but what can I say! As you said about yourself, I too, know myself all to well.Keep up the beautiful work, can't wait to see them all assembled!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Keep up the momentum girlfriend. And IMHO, you have been freed by your change in attitude.

You go girl!

Is 104" enough for a regular King or CA King? The neutral log cabin blocks I'm working on will be for my CA King and I have NO clue of the size needed, lol. DH and I have to have lots of hanging quilt, we fight over covers!

JoAnna said...

(squeels of excitment)

That block is so pretty! I love it. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to cut my fabrics up, but you've inspired me. Gorgeous.

I hear what you are saying about doing one block at a time. If I'm making a quilt with repeating blocks I always work on only 3 or four blocks at a time through to completion. You're right...chain piecing endless components is boring. And when I get bored, I get sloppy.

Judy H. said...

So lovely! The butterfly in the middle is perfect--did you fussy cut it, or was it serendipity? Can't wait to watch this one develop!

Shelina said...

You are so prolific - showing us a block with every poting. This one is great. I am enjoying looking at all your blocks, and especially like the butterfly on this one.