Saturday, June 09, 2007

New fabric and a new project

Remember those fabrics I bought in the first few hours of this month right after I finished my LAST no buy month? Well they came yesterday! Aren't they yummy? They're from the Sonnet Collection by April Cornell. I think I could just buy her whole fabric lines sight unseen as so far I've liked everything she does.
My intention was to make a sampler using these fabrics. The stripe across the top was to be the sashing/border, the cream print across the bottom was to be the background and the others would be used whereever they fit in the block patterns I was to choose. Best laid plans and all that - I'm going a totally different direction. LOL! While looking for patterns for my sampler I ran across a block I've been wanting to try (but don't ask me the name cause I can't think of it right now and the book with the pattern is in the sewing room.) So okay maybe I'll just use this pattern and make the blocks scrappy using the fabrics I bought. The fabrics between the stripe and cream print are each 1/2 yd cuts. the 5 on the left are 1 yd cuts - my reasoning being they would be used as accent fabrics to the others in the sampler blocks. While sorting fabrics and trying to come up with fabric combos to use with this block I got the bright idea to cut 2 full blocks from each fabric and then mix and match the pieces/parts around in the final blocks. Keeping the stripe set aside for sashing I have 18 fabrics that will give me 36 blocks which set 6X6 with sashing and a nice border will give me a quilt that will be big enough for at least a good topper size for my king bed. This will probably be a long term project that as long as I see steady progress I'll be happy. But I don't expect to sit and sew it start to finish without working on other things at the same time as I know I'm too easily distracted. And in line with my new "no rules" I'm not going to even say I have to make 2 blocks a week or anything like that. It will get done when it's done. But it WILL get done. :-) And probably this month. And when done it will have to go out for quilting a it will be way too big for me to try smooching thru my sewing machine!

I've cut all the 1/2 yd pieces and look what I have left from each.
That's a strip about 5-1/2" X 32" and a couple of scraps I can cut squares or bricks from. Not bad for having bought the fabric with no idea of how much I'd need of each. Now of the 5 that I bought a yard of I'll have 1/2 a yd more. But one will probably be the cornerstones for the sashing and another will be a thin inner border and another the binding. So when it's done there shouldnt' be much of any of these pieces left to go into my stash.

Think I'll take a short nap and then we need to run to town for a few items. I should finish cutting when we get home and maybe get a test block made. Then tomorrow I have to put it aside and finish up the last 3 rows on my row swap so I can get them in the mail Monday. I'm taking a few days vacation next week and have no plans other than to play for 3 days. Maybe I'll finish my blocks then. And maybe I'll work on something totally different. Whatever it is you can be sure it will be whatever makes me happy at that moment. LOL!

BTW, I made another order yesterday. :-) Just couldn't resist and have no guilt whatsoever about it. That group WILL get made into the sampler and is probably a much better grouping for a sampler quilt anyway. The story about that purchase later when the fabrics come in.


Norma said...

Yeah. Nancy is having fun again! Go for it, there is a whole fabric industry out there waiting for your support! LOL Seriously, this post is more what it is all about.

Susan H. said...

I'm almost scared to say it, but I like this fabric grouping. They are definitely you, but there are several I could see me using. Have fun. Can't wait to see the blocks.

computerpeach said...

Beautiful Fabrics!!

Quilting Kim said...

I just love your fabrics and I'm anxious to see what the mystery block looks like.

Vicky said...

I love her fabrics, too, and your purchases are luscious! Happy stash for sure!