Friday, September 30, 2005

What a week! I just finished payroll after 3pm on Friday. Usually I'm thru by Thursday and can spend Friday catching up on other things. But I work for a company that trucks crude oil. When Rita was expected to hit S. TX last week we had to evacuate the office we have there and bring all trucks, paperwork, computers, etc. up here. Getting all the hourlies and daily averages figured out for the drivers who had to evacuate and/or helped move equipment took a lot longer than it should have. But it's done and has been double-checked and sent up the line for processing now. But now I don't have time to catch up on the things I usually do on Friday so I'm not going to be able to take Monday off like I had planned. Oh well.

Once again I did nothing after I got home last night except play computer games. No scrappy blocks, no pretty little baby quilt, nothing! Good thing it's still hot here and that sweet little girl doesn't NEED a quilt yet. At the rate I'm going she'll be at least 2 before I get it done. Not much of an exageration either as my great-nephew, Dayton, will be 3 in December and he STILL doesn't have his baby quilt. Sometimes I can be such a slug! I just can't get motivated to work on either one but that's a goal I'm setting for myself right now. Rylee will have her quilt before it turns cold and Dayton will get his before his 3rd birthday.

I have such a problem with starting things and not finishing them. Daytons quilt is just one in a VERY large bunch of UFOs. I'd make a pact to work on only UFOs but I know I wouldn't keep it so why bother. For now I'll be content to just make these 2 baby quilts and then go back to playing with my scraps. If I get some scrappy blocks made -thereby creating more UFOs in the process - then that's okay too. It's what I'm in the mood for lately and past experience tells me if I don't let myself work on something when I'm in the mood I just won't do anything. Which is why I have so many UFOs in the first place! I'd pledge to finish at least 1 a month but I know I wouldn't keep it up so why set myself up to fail.

Can you tell I'm in a funky mood lately? Health problems, work problems, money problems. No wonder I just don't feel like doing anything except play computer games. At least I've been playing canasta which keeps my skills sharpened for my next match with my sister. It's not exactly the same rules we play in person but close enough that I can adapt. I'm considered the canasta champ of the family and have to keep in practice so I don't lose my edge. David won't play with me. Must have something to do with me beating him all the time. LOL! Actually he doesn't like playing one-on-one. He likes doubles with me as a partner. He puts down everything right away and I hold cards. That strategy works really well when playing as a team. And he gets to win so he's much easier to live with!

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