Saturday, April 21, 2007

Done for the day

Boy I'm whooped!!!! The room in general still looks horrible BUT the storage areas are organized with a place for everything. As I work in the rest of the room I'll have a place to put the stuff instead of just stacking it neatly and still not knowing where anything is when I need to work with it.

The shelves at the top and side of the closet now hold UFOs along with my serger and the bucket of strings. As you can see I still have room for more Ufos. Which is a good thing cause I have a WHOLE lot more in totes in the shop. :-) And I can fit one of the totes on the floor under the shelves and another on the floor on the other side of the closet.

The rolling drawers hold most of my gadgets and gizmos. And my serger thread, elastic, bindings and other stuff like that. And my makeup and jewelry and generic office supplies.

The drawers above my stash cabinets now hold my assorted squares, bricks, and piano keys. And most of my thread. The shoeboxes above the drawers hold my nickels and other assorted odds and ends.

Last I did a bit more arranging on the shelves so I'll have plenty of room for my books and magazines as I start to gather them from around the house. And I still have room for more shoeboxes of FQs, etc. If anyone wants a hot stock tip - buy STERLITE! Cause as many of these boxes as I've bought it has to be making a lot of money. :-)

And that's it for today. Tomorrow morning I'll probably clean off the sewing table and move the last few items from in front of the stash cabinets so I can do some sewing again. But that's all I'm going to do tomorrow. Cause I want to spend some time out in the sunshine and fresh air. So I'll think I'll hop on my tractor and spend a couple hours mowing the other lot. That always relaxes me. :-)

The rest of the room will be done 15 minutes at a time. But at least now I'll have a place to put stuff away as I finish cleaning. By next weekend maybe I'll even be able to unfold the treadmill. :-)


Su Bee said...

Good gravy woman! You're a marvel! That looks terrific - that's beyond a good start; do you hire out?
(you're smart to do storage areas first - I never think of that!!)

Fiona said...

Wow, Nancy, you must have been working at the speed of light!

Vicky said...

FABULOUS JOB!!!! You're going to be so doggone organized, and will be giving the rest of us tips on how you did it!

I bow to you!!


deputyswife said...

The room looks terrific!

My sewing room usually ends up looking like a disaster. But honestly, I feel like sewing more when it is all picked up. I guess that is why I don't sew as much as other people do... LOL!

Mrs. Moody said...

Oh mylanta, you sure have been busy! You are making great strides in that room and quick! Great job!

I am right there with you and constantly buying Sterlite. I buy the shoe box size boxes quite a bit when they go on sale at Target for .87 cents since that is just the so much cheaper than the regular .99 cents. I use them all the time for things at school. I bet I have 100 or more Sterlite tubs at school for various things.

Patti said...

You have been one amazingly busy lady! I can't believe everything you've accomplished so far! You must really be enjoying working in such a clean, organized space. I wonder how many more UFO's you will find as you continue to spend your 15 minutes of organizing time each day or so.

Congratulations on winning the prize for the special siggy block. I just wish mine would come!

Helen said...

Wahoo! That looks great! Can you come do mine now?

tami said...

Holy cow!! You are moving right along. I can't believe you got so much done in so little time. Can't wait to see what you create in your new improved space.

Tanya said...

Your room and the closets look great. I wish you'd come to my house and fix up my sewing room for me!

cher said...

hurrray for such progress Nancy! I am sure once you catch your breath you will enjoy the new look.

Kathy Wagner said... must feel so proud when you see all that you have accomplished!